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Wicked Bucks is the original Bucks party planning company, we aim to deliver the biggest, greatest and most memorable bucks day, bucks night and bucks weekend packages! Organising your best mates bucks? Want to create an event with both ease and style? Then you’re in the right place!

The Wicked Bucks crew have searched far and wide to bring you the largest range of unbelievable bucks party ideas.  Anything from mild to wild…we will make it happen!

20 destinations

100’s of activities to choose from

Your bucks planner is with you all the way

Pay with our super flexible payment options

Receive your itinerary get ready for the party!

group of bucks playing golf at top golf

Gold Coast Bucks Party Packages

Wicked Bucks deliver the biggest, greatest and memorable bucks parties on the Gold Coast. There is a big range of day/night bucks party ideas, activities and packages to ensure your bucks weekend goes down with a bang. The Gold Coast has a reputation as one of Australia's premier party destinations due to it's wild nightlife and party scene.

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buck crowd surfing

Brisbane Bucks Party Packages

Brisbane Bucks Parties are the party epicentre of the East Coast!! Brisbane has the reputation of being the centre of all things BUCKS, so take advantage of our experience and local knowledge and come and celebrate your last weekend of freedom in the only way we know how!

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group of bucks at nightclub drinking

Sydney Bucks Party Packages

Sydney is the absolute epicentre of Australian nightlife and there is no better place to celebrate your best mate's last nights of FREEDOM!

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three beautiful bucks waitresses playing poker

Melbourne Bucks Party Packages

Melbourne, the cultural hub of Australia, is known for being one of the most liveable cities in the world. This world class city is famous for street art, playing golf in a bar, the beaches of St Kilda, large public spaces like Federation Square . and is the only state in Australia where a horse race calls for a public holiday!

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two beautiful bucks waitresses lying on pool table

Perth Bucks Party Packages

Perth is Western Australia's largest urban centre and home to some of Australia's most amazing beaches and spectacular scenery. Although Perth is located in one of the Australia's most remote regions it boasts a population of close to two million people and contains some of the country's most impressive and original nightlife.

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buck passed out drunk at apartment

Byron Bay Bucks Party Packages

Byron Bay is famous for its laidback hippy lifestyle and a place to chillax! But it’s also a place to hit the beach, surf and party. The night will just be beginning once Happy Hour ends - as we’ve got an absolutely awesome line-up of restaurants, clubs, and beachside bars to keep you going all night long!

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group of bucks drinking at nightclub

Adelaide Bucks Party Packages

Adelaide is South Australia's biggest city and home to some of the craziest bucks’ parties in Australia! Adelaide has everything you could want for a stellar night and for your best mate's big send off. All suppliers are handpicked and tested by us to make sure the big fella won't be disappointed.

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bucks partying and skulling drinks

Airlie Bucks Party Packages

Airlie Beach isn't just famous for beautiful beaches it is also a world famous party destination and the main street is absolutely chocker block full of clubs, bars, and of course beautiful sun kissed babes! As soon as you step out of your accommodation the partying begins!

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buck in bunny costume playing poker with two waitressess

Cairns Bucks Party Packages

Cairns Bachelor Parties are not for the faint-hearted. This tropical bucks party destination is full of adrenaline action packed fun and the best tropical party experience in Australia. Start your bucks party in the tropics fearlessly, climb up 196 stairs to the top bungy platform and bungy jump from a 50 metre tower overlooking the Northern beaches and out to the incredible Great Barrier Reef.

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group of bucks drinking by pool

Darwin Bucks Party Packages

What more could you want then spending the weekend with your mates in the one and only stunning Northern Territory City, Darwin! Your bucks party plans just got a whole lot more awesome with some of the best top end activities at your fingertips!

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bucks group eating burgers at bar

Hobart Bucks Party Packages

If you are looking to send your buck off down the aisle in the right way then Hobart is your next party destination for a huge night out with the lads! Hobart is Tasmania’s biggest city and is home to some of the best scenery and now a great bucks do!

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group of bucks snowboarding

Queenstown Bucks Party Packages

Queenstown, New Zealand is renowned for adventure sports and serious fun, and is no doubt the perfect location to host your Stag Do! With every adrenaline-fueled sport you could ever imagine, Queenstown is leading the field and is built for pure excitement.

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group of bucks drinking beer in taupo bar

Taupo Bucks Party Packages

It's no surprise that the city built on the edge of New Zealand's largest lake boasts incredible views and a booming adventure tourism industry. Snow-capped peaks, alpine deserts, raging rivers, geothermal valleys and dormant volcanoes, Taupo is nature's playground!

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buck getting lap dance at club

Auckland Bucks Party Packages

Auckland Awaits!! Wicked Bucks has crossed the ditch to bring our famous party packages to the top of the North Island of New Zealand! Auckland is a bustling city with an abundance of Wicked worthy activities for us to provide you with.

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group of bucks drinking on boat cruise

Wellington Bucks Party Packages

Get your party crew to Wellington and experience all this capital city has to offer with mild to wild party options to suit your style. Day or night, 1 day or 3, our professional party planners can organise a tailored bucks celebration to a budget which suits your wallet!

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Build Your own bucks party!

Choose your activities and accommodation to create the ultimate bucks weekend

Build Your Own

Steps to Plan your bucks party

1. Select Your Bucks Party Destination

Choosing the perfect destination can be stressful. There are so many things to consider like how many people you want to invite, what type of activities you are looking at doing, how many days you’ll need. Each destination will provide you with different experiences so it is important to do your research to choose the right bucks destination for your group. If you are struggling our bucks party planning planners are always available to give you suggestions and help you decide.

2. Select Your Bucks Party Accommodation

A very important part of the bucks party is considering where to stay. Different accommodation options allow for different in-room activities and have certain restricts depending on which you choose. Be sure to have an idea of whether you would rather in-room antics, to adventure out around town or a combination of both!

3. Select Your Bucks Party Activities

This is where the fun starts. The perfect bucks party is packed full of fun activities for the Buck and the lads to do day and night. Here at Wicked Bucks we have left no stone unturned. We’ve done the research, we’ve spoken to the locals and we’ve sourced the best suppliers at the best rates for each destination. With so many activities on offer, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

4. Select Your Bucks Party Add Ons

We know that no bucks party is complete without a few fancy perks. We’ve compiled a list of add-ons to top off any bucks package and to earn you a few extra brownie points with the Buck! Take a traditional bucks party route and add-on some VIP entitlements including VIP strip club access, VIP night club access and bottle service. Or add a little extra flare and hire your own private waitress for the night!

5. Get in Touch with the Expert Party Planners for a Quote on your Custom Package

Once you have a rough idea on what you would like to do and where you want to stay. It’s time to get in touch with our bucks party planners so they can put together a quote and speak to our suppliers. Our party planners are specialists in creating the best packages for the best prices to ensure you have the most memorable bucks party. Get started today and build your own bucks package.