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What's Included

  • 1x Night Accommodation
  • Paintball session
  • 300 paintballs each
  • 30 minutes Go karting
  • VIP Entry to Gentlemens Club
  • Lingerie waitress service at Gentlemen’s club
  • Club Entry
  • Booth included at the club

Package Overview

Kids often look like they’re having a whole heap of fun, so why not join them and embrace being a kid-adult. What’s the rush to grow up anyway!? Well, with your mate’s wedding just around the corner, time is actually ticking and this may be your last opportunity to be a grown up that acts like a kid. Race to the Finish Line is the ultimate bucks party package for any guy looking to satisfy their childhood dreams, with a cheeky, adults-only twist. Start the day with some healthy competition on the Paintball Field and Go-Karting Track. These games are practically a combination of being a character in a computer game and proving you’re the top-dog of your squad.

After whipping your buddies’ butts, treat yourselves to some exclusive debauchery at Christchurch’s finest strip club. These women are so beautiful, you’ll be trying to pinch yourself awake. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we’ve hooked you up with a VIP booth in the city’s top superclub. This joint is the type of place that features in a Hollywood blockbuster and we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Call it a night and hit the hay in a convenient and comfortable hotel, right in the middle of the city. Race to the Finish Line is everything you could want – and more.

christchurch bucks party accomodation

Christchurch Accommodation

You’ve let loose and you’ve had a good old-fashioned fun time to celebrate your buddy’s final days of freedom. But after proving your skills on the go-karting track and in the paintballing fields, then indulging in a private show and hitting the town for a boogie, we’re not surprised you’re feeling a little weary! Luckily, Race to the Finish Line will hook you up with a killer place to rest your head at the end of the night. This hotel is located right in the heart of the city, making it an easy place to find as you’re stumbling home in the early hours of the morning.

two people playing paintball

Christchurch Paintball

We know how you like to be woken up in the morning. It also starts with some slow paced movement and once you’re in the rhythm, it builds up into more intense ball action. It’s a rough ride with plenty of surprises and it requires some unusual positions, but paintball is what you’re missing in your life. Christchurch has the oldest surviving paintball field in the world, making it the biggest and best experience on offer. Situated on 17-hectares of open fields, you and your buddies will be let loose to fire paint pellets all morning. 

Whether you’re a paintballing pro or your subscribe to the philosophy of accuracy through volume, it’s a ripper opportunity to get the adrenaline pumping and make your soon-to-be-married mate the centre of attention (A.K.A blast him with paint). You’ll probably leave with some gnarly bruises but it will definitely set the standard for an epic day to follow.

bucks group go karting christchurch

Christchurch Go Karting

After proving your dominance in the name of war, you can continue channeling your inner competitive streak on the go-karting track! Forget Mario Kart and get ready to relive your favourite childhood video game IRL. The unique track is designed for epic drag races down the straightway and total spin outs around the sharp corners. These professional standard vehicles will take you up to a mind blowing pace in a matter of seconds, ensuring you can more than satisfy your need for speed. 

It takes some skill to achieve a good lap time using smooth steering, throttle and brake control, but the adrenaline rush is worth every second of the bumpy ride. If nothing else, this could just be an opportunity to take the piss out of your Buck for his grandma-like driving skills.

christchurch topless waitress

Christchurch Waitresses

Missed your chance at snagging a win on the track? Don’t worry, we’ve got a reward for you anyway. Whether you took home the wooden spoon or proved you’re the next formula-1 race-car driver, these bucks girls will make you feel like the real winner of the group. New Zealand’s premier strip club is home to the country’s most beautiful women. Just like your Missus’ yoga teacher from back home, these girls are flexible, bouncy, full of energy and with a guranteed view you won’t forget. 

The luxurious and decadent lush furnishing makes the venue the perfect spot to kick back, relax and enjoy the real five-star strip club experience. Paired with the full-stocked bar and expert team of bar-tenders, you really can’t go wrong here. 

christchurch vip club entry

VIP Nightclub Entry + Booth

At this point, your buddy will probably be slapping you on the back and praising your Bucks Party organisation skills. Little does he know, the fun is only just getting started. After a show from the beautiful girls at the strip club, the VIP experience will continue at Christchurch’s newest superclub. As the special guests of the night, you can expect the finest bottle service, a VIP booth, only the best DJ’s cage dancers and a show like no other. 

This venue is all about losing yourself in the music and with world-class resident DJs spinning the decks every week, you’ll be strutting your stuff on the d-floor before you know it. It’s the type of place that seems to stop time and the only thing putting an end to your night will be the sunrise (and maybe your sore and sorry head).

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