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Wicked Bucks is Australia’s premier Bucks Party Planning website and brings you the most sought after, adrenaline pumping, hair raising, unique and crazy bucks party activities to be found in Australia & NZ’s best party locations!!! Go ahead and add the “Wicked Touch” and let us help you plan the BEST BUCKS PARTY EVER!

Never boring or predictable this will be a Bucks Party no one will forget. You will be crowned “Legend of The Year” amongst your group of mates!

Currently operating in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay, Airlie Beach, Cairns, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Hobart and on the Gold Coast we offer everything from mild to wild bucks party activities! So sit back, relax, and leave the bucks planning up to us! Check out our list of both day and night bucks party activities.

You can choose an activity on its own or build it into a bucks party package to make it a Bucks weekend you will never forget!

adelaide bucks party ideas

Adelaide Bucks Party Ideas & Activities

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cairns bucks party ideas snorkelling

Cairns Bucks Party Ideas & Activities

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Gold Coast Bucks Party Ideas & Activities

Wicked Bucks party planners have sourced the best Gold Coast Bucks Party Activities and Ideas for you and your mates. Get in touch with the team for a custom bucks package.

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group of bucks playing paintball

Brisbane Bucks Party Ideas & Activities

The Wicked Bucks Party Planning girls have searched high and low for the best Bucks Party Ideas and Activities in Brisbane. Get in touch today for more info.

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sydney bucks party ideas bucks cruise on sydney harbour

Sydney Bucks Party Ideas & Activities

Wicked Bucks have found all the best Sydney Bucks Party Ideas to ensure an epic weekend you won't forget. Great for those wanting to let loose with endless options to keep you entertained, no matter your party style.

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group of bucks racing go-karts

Melbourne Bucks Party Ideas & Activities

The party planning girls have found the best Bucks Party Ideas in Melbourne to bring jam packed packages for the ultimate bucks. These top Melbourne bucks party ideas will guarantee a weekend you won't forget. Full of fun, partying and debauchery.

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Darwin Bucks Party Ideas & Activities

The team at Wicked Bucks have sourced the Best Darwin Bucks Party Activities and Ideas. Get in touch with the party planning girls today for a custom package.

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bucks party poker tournament

Perth Bucks Party Ideas & Activities

The Wicked Party Planning girls have done all the hard work to bring you the best Perth Bucks Party Ideas and Activities. Get in touch for a custom package today.

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buck snorkelling at ailrie beach

Airlie Beach Bucks Party Ideas & Activities

Wicked Bucks have found the best Airlie Beach Bucks Party Activities and Ideas to ensure you have the ultimate party. Get in touch today to get started.

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buck skydiving in byron bay

Byron Bay Bucks Party Ideas & Activities

Sit back and relax! Wicked Bucks brings you the best day and night Byron Bay bucks party ideas. Relax in the sun by the beach, check out the babes and listen to some good live bands is only the start. Get in touch with the bucks party planners today to get started.

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bucks party boat cruise hoabrt

Hobart Bucks Party Ideas & Activities

Wicked bucks party planners bring to you the best Hobart bucks party ideas and activites. The girls have searched far and wide so get in touch today to get started.

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skytower skywalk auckland bucks ideas

Auckland Stag Party Ideas & Activities

Looking to plan a Stag party weekend for you best mate? Auckland has everything you need for an epic bucks night. Complete with nightclubs, stripclubs and plenty of bucks activities to ensure your day runs smoothly. Consider Auckland as your stag party destination.

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queenstown stag party activities

Queenstown Stag Party Ideas & Activities

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taupo bucks party ideas

Taupo Stag Party Ideas & Activities

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bucks group playing bubble soccer

Wellington Stag Party Ideas & Activities

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Build Your own bucks party!

Choose your activities and accommodation to create the ultimate bucks weekend

Build Your Own

Top 6 Bucks Party Activities

1. In Room Poker

One of our all time bucks party customer favorites is In Room Poker. This culmunates a competitive night between the lads with some stunning ladies to keep you entertained. No need to leave the table as the tension brews, chips are rolling and drinks are flowing. Gurantteed to have a fun filled night as long as no one is card counting.

2. Paintball Skirmish

Another bucks party favorite with our groups is a day on the Paintball Battlefield. When you combine guns and a group of guys you are surely going to have a winner. Of course minimal damage apart from a few bruises here and there, you will have plenty to laugh about as the night continues on. Nothing more funny then seeing a nice ring of bruises on your mates ass and the buck left a little worse for wear. More reason to get the drinks into you for the big night ahead.

3. Go Karting

Cars and Babes is always going to be a crowd favorite. Every guy thinks he is a race car driver until its show time on the go kart track. Only one will be crowned king of the race track and of course the ultimate bragging rights come with for the rest of the night. Just hope you don’t come last because that never ends well. Although the winner generally gets a round of drinks from the lads and the loser is the one who is opening his wallet first.

4. Boat Cruise

This one is easy to understand why it is so popular. What’s better than spending a few hours cruising around the water in style, beverage in hand, sea breeze in your hair and boobs in your face. Let’s face it the views don’t get much better in any location. Known as more of a classy way to start off the big bucks night before things get a little messy.

5. Top Golf

Making the top six is Top Golf on the Gold Coast. This bucks activity comes with your own private booth, waitresses to bring you drinks (unfortunately not the topless ones until later) and a digital ball tracking system so you don’t have to worry about where your ball goes. Ideally somewhere on the fairway is preferred but if the drinks blur your vision no need to worry. Comes with a range of different games you can play and automatic scoring. Just step up to the tee and have a swing.

6. Barefoot Bowls & Bunines

Rounding off the top six bucks favorites is our Barefoot Bowls & Sexy Bunnies. Kick off the shoes, pick up your balls and test out your hand eye coordination. Everyone is a winner in this game, the bunnies will be there to keep your ego in tact regardless of how bad your arm is. The girls can probably teach you a few techniques on your release and hopefully you get a few points on the board. No bucks party group has ever had a bad day on the green so its sure ring in for a great start to the night.