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The Best Bachelor Party Planners in Taupo

Taupo will call out to you. The minute you step foot into this North Island city, it’ll say “Come, stay awhile and chill out by the lake”. It’s the kind of bayside village that you can start your morning with a quick dip in the refreshing waters.

And because you can’t tear yourself away from the postcard-perfect serenity, you end up returning home six hours latter with a new smattering of freckles across your nose and a monk-like zen.

That’s not to say it’s all hippy, dippy, Taupo is basically a quieter, smaller version of Queenstown, and didn’t your mother teach you that sometimes the best things come in small packages?

Taupo may be a small place, but we think that’s what so special about it. You’ll be able to explore every square inch during your time here.

Don’t stress about having to research, organise and plan itineraries, Wicked Buck’s specialist party planners are here to do all the hard work. We have formed strategic partnerships with the best suppliers to ensure the best Buck’s deals around.

All we ask of you, is to be ready and follow your itinerary. Get ready to celebrate your Buck’s final days of freedom and send him off with a bucks party he will never forget.

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Why have your bucks party in Taupo

For something a little slower, Butcher’s Pools is where you’ll need to be. This natural thermal spring is rarely crowded, and it’s free. Other than the change room sheds and a simple deck, you’ll be surrounded by nature.

The pools are filled with hot and cold mineral springs. When you finish bathing, you’ll be so refreshed that all your worries will be a world away and you’ll feel like you’re a new man.

From your thermal bath, you’ll have the perfect view of Mount Tauhara – A dormant volcano sitting on the eastern edge of town. While the view is enough for some, you can take it a step further. Mount Tauhara can be climbed fairly easily. 

It starts out a little steep but the journey up is something special. You may be the only people traversing the track, but you’re likely to be joined by a plethora of birdlife. When you reach the summit at 1,008 metres above sea level, you’ll know you’ve earnt that night’s beers.

Talking about beer, Taupo is at the forefront of dining and drinks. You can enjoy locally produced Taupo beef and lamb, which has been produced in a manner which preserves the water quality of Lake Taupo.

You can also sample mouth-watering slow cooked meats, washed down with locally brewed craft beer and shared over a Mediterranean style platter with friends. Plenty of the venues in this area have been nominated for a string of awards, which is the greatest excuse in the book to try them all!