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Customer Feedback

Wicked Bucks has the most adrenaline pumping, hair raising, unique and crazy, activites to be found. The most traditional bucks party would never be boring with the Wicked bucks twist we add to the events.

We never have boring or predictable bucks weekends, because you are the organiser of this crazy weekend you will be crowned the legend of your group! Wicked Bucks wouldn’t be able to provide amazing products and services without our customer feedback and reviews.

We are constantly striving to improve our services, packages and products to give our customers the best bucks party experiences available. This enables us to keep ahead of our competition and create truly memorable bucks parties.

All feedback is appreciated so feel free to leave a review on one of our platforms if you have had a great experience or have any ideas on how we can improve our services.

Average Review Rating



Oisin O’Callaghan,


Couldn’t be happier with the experience we got from Wicked Bucks for a bucks party we organised in Adelaide. The entertainment and ‘bucks-friendly’ accommodation were perfect, and the latter is not an easy find as anyone whose organised a bucks will know.

Laura and Caitlin provided fantastic service all along the way and everything they provided was perfect. Really appreciated the flexibility – i.e. there were some bits we wanted to organise ourselves and others we wanted them to look after. In hindsight, would have been happy to let them organise the whole weekend based on what we got.

Fantastic service overall and would happily recommend to anyone.

Ben McKay,


What a mad weekend!! The boys and I had the best time all thanks to wicked bucks. The entertainment, activities and food were spot on. The hostesses were very friendly also the accommodation was just what we needed. Thanks again everyone at wicked bucks.

Jake Mccabe,


Awesome weekend from what I can remember ?. Thanks again to wicked bucks! We did the Sydney bucks summer party cruise, recommend for sure.

Lachie Manson,


Sickest time with the brothers, wicked sure know how to party 5 stars!!!

Shiel Munroe,


I had no idea how to plan a bucks party but had an idea in my head about what I wanted it to be. I contacted WICKED Bucks and explained exactly what I needed and with in one day they had not only confirmed that they would be able to organise everything we needed but had quotes per person as well. From here it was easy. Nearly too easy. I remember worrying because it was so easy but realised in the end that these guys are on the ball. Everyone I dealt with was enthusiastic, informative and supportive which considering it is a Bucks was essential. When it came down to money they provided me with multiple quotes depending on how many people would be attending (As per typical bucks/hens people drop out and re-join all the time. It is painful). However WICKED Bucks take care of all this as each person pays them directly and they will communicate with you to let you know who has paid and how many still need to. Apart from this the accommodation and clubs that were organised, and those who looked after each, were also very understanding and enthusiastic about making the whole weekend a success. So cant really recommend these guys enough. Have already done so to friends who have similar events coming up. Thanks again WICKED Bucks.

Timothy Baker,


Attended a wicked bucks party for my best mate on the weekend. Oh boy what a weekend, had the best time. The entertainment and drinks were pumping all night!! Highly recommend to anyone with an upcoming bucks’ night! 10/10.

Jake Moen,


We did the brewery tour, beer tasting and a steak dinner. They even included a 3-hour drinks package. Recommend 10/10.

Sam MacLean,

Hangover Party Package


Best weekend ever! They don’t call it the hangover package for nothing, was a wild time with all the crew. The girls were perfect, the bar tab was lit. Also loved the daytime paintball skirmish. Thanks to wicked bucks! Safe to say I aced my duties as best man.

Mark Schat,


These guys definitely know how to organise a party! First time my mates and I went to the Gold Coast, so had no idea what to do or where to go. The Wicked team organised the whole weekend for us and it was sick! Thanks a lot guys!! #TeamAmsterdam

Noah Pickens,


Wicked bucks in the Gold Coast was excellent. I was pleasantly surprised at how much we saved.