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What's Included

  • 1x Night Accommodation – Hostel
  • Lazer tag mission
  • Competitive Go Karting
  • Incl timed laps
  • Burger & beer group dinner
  • Party bus tour
  • 4x stops around the city
  • VIP entitlements

Package Overview

How many people do you know that claim they’ve been to the best Bucks Party ever? There’s plenty of them, let us tell you. But, most of these stories revolve around room-temperature brews at the Friday night local and some sub-par stripper shows. We don’t do mediocre at Wicked Bucks. But if you want to give your buck the experience of a lifetime and show him what a real send off is, you’ve come to the right place. The Thrillseekers Package is the perfect mix of child-like fun and adults-only entertainment. Start the day on the laser-tag field, where you can put your video gaming skills to the test and channel your inner James Bond. After proving your dominance behind the laser-gun, challenge your mates to a drag race on one of the biggest indoor dirt kart raceways in New Zealand. Wash-down your win with an ice cold glass of beer and hefty burger, before stepping on-board your party bus. This nightclub on wheels will put every ride you’ve ever had to shame and take you to all the hottest parties on offer. Prepare to accept the award for best mate ever after pulling this one off.

christchurch bucks party accomodation


The real selling point of the Thrillseekers Package is that accommodation is included. Cap off your epic day at a fabulous hostel right in the heart of the city. Knowing there is a comfortable bed, hot shower and room-service waiting for you at the end of the night is a great excuse to go hard, before going home.

christchurch laser tag

Laser Tag

Your buddy may be about to seal the deal and sign up to a lifetime of taking out the rubbish on a Tuesday night and Sunday brunches with the in-laws but that doesn’t mean he needs to say goodbye to his child-like mentality just yet. Channel your inner James Bond and get ready to turn your mates into enemies with the newest and most advanced laser tag site in New Zealand. 

This joint offers all the adrenaline-fuelled fun that you remember from your circa-1995 birthday party, with a high-tech twist. Touch screen power up stations, interactive doors and full enabled detection pads. Shooting your mates in a sugar-fuelled frenzy has never been so epic. 

bucks group go karting christchurch

Go Karting

With your inner-child already running completely free, why stop there? After you’ve proven your laser-tag dominance, the greatest indoor dirt kart raceway in New Zealand is your next location. Sitting behind the wheel of these your high-powered karts, your video gaming skills will be put to the test IRL. Get your engine revving and once the green light flashes, get that pedal to the metal. 

The dirt surface means you’ll need to hold on for dear life as you come flying around the corners and zooming down the straightways. Like all good rides, this track is rough, unforgiving and oh-so-long. The buck may be the man of the hour, but with bragging rights on the line, you better not let him bring home the top prize. 

christchurch burger bar

Burger Bar

So you’ve snagged a win in laser tag, and smashed your mates on the go-karting track, now it’s time to refuel. No crappy alternate drop or pre-orders involved. Every bloke can make their pick from the extensive menu of Instagram-worthy meals, including all the crowd favourite classics, locally-sourced fresh produce and plenty of sugar-filled desserts too. Of course, there’s also a fully-stocked bar and expert team of bartenders, so that you can raise a glass to the Buck’s final days of freedom. 

The relaxed cafe vibe, abundance of natural greenery and killer tunes makes it the perfect place to recharge the batteries and amp up for a big night to follow.

christchurch party bus

Party Bus

Hold onto your hats boys, this is where it gets wild. Just as your Buck is patting you on the back, thinking you already deserve the Best Best Man award, your party bus will roll around the corner.  These party buses all offer dance areas, dance poles, state of the art sound systems and the high level of privacy and intimacy. If you’re looking for some extra company, why not invite some local entertainment for the ride? 

From R-rated seduction to naughty, hard core adult entertainment, the options are almost endless. The bus drivers also have all the local knowledge, meaning they can get you entry into the hottest parties in town. 

Seriously…What’s better than an entire night on your bus with the boys, visiting all the best local watering holes, getting low on the bus-dance-floor and quenching your thirst with ice-cold golden nectar. These party buses pretty much guarantee a night of slightly hazy yet unforgettable memories.

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