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The Best Bachelor Party Planners in Byron Bay

This East Coast hub doesn’t just welcome everyone, it caters to every visitor. Knowing where to start in this eclectic beach town can be overwhelming and a little confusing. That’s where Wicked Bucks comes in. 

Forget about trawling the reviews section of Google, our specialist Party Planners have done some deals with the locals, weeded out the tourist traps and will create the ultimate itinerary for your Buck’s party. 

Whatever gets you going, Wicked Bucks can build a package to suit your group (and your budget). 

You’re not sold yet? The Hemsworth brothers also call Byron home. If it’s good enough for them, we think it’s good enough for you too.

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Byron Bay Bucks Accommodation

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Byron Bay Bucks Activities

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Byron Bay Bucks Party Packages

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Byron Bay Attractions


Build Your own bucks party!

Choose your activities and accommodation to create the ultimate bucks weekend

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Why have your bucks party in Byron Bay

Byron is the highlight of most surfers and keen beach goers East Coast pilgrimages. Whether you’re hanging 10 and getting pitted on gnarly waves or paddling in the shallows with your floaties, you’ll enjoy this stunning coastline.

These world famous breaks cater to pro-surfers and beginners alike, but it you’re more of a land animal, the long stretches of sand are perfect for a sunset walk too.

Come sundown, you’d also be forgiven for assuming the grassy hill above the beach was an ocean front bar. A post-surf drink and serving of fish and chips by the beach are a local staple. There is no better way to wrap up a day, or kick start your night.

When it comes to nightlife, Byron doesn’t abide by the standards of your average Aussie seaside town – in fact it doesn’t like to follow any rules at all. Attracting backpackers from around the world, means that a night out in Byron can have you feeling like you’ve jetsetted to a far off, exotic island. 

There are more bars, clubs and restaurants than you can poke a stick at. Choose from old-style grand pubs where you can catch live music and play pool or an array of nightclubs where you can dance like noone is watching. The only thing putting an end to your night will be the sunrise.

If you can drag yourself out of bed early enough (or stay out late enough), a sunrise from Byron Bay Lighthouse is magic. Standing at the most easterly point of Australia, you’ll be the first on the continent to watch the sky stretch awake and the sunrays shimmer across the town.