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The Best Bachelor Party Planners in Hobart

Tired of sightseeing and looking for some late night fun? Hobart has you covered. In fact it’s the only true nightlife scene on the whole island. The selection may be small but we all know size isn’t everything- it’s how you use it. And what Hobart lacks in size, it makes up for in quality and quirkiness. 

When you return home rambling on about a bar with a bus in the backyard, your friends back home might think you’ve hit the whisky too hard but you’ll know otherwise.

It’s a one of a kind bar that will set the vibe for your night to come. Despite what you might think, Tassie isn’t just for your retired Grandparents to travel around in their campervan.

 In fact, we’re starting to think there was a conspiracy theory between all the Grey Nomads of Australia to keep us in the Dark about this hidden treasure.

Now that we’re on to them, Wicked Bucks has been diving deep to uncover everything Hobart has to offer. We’ve got a list of activities longer than a treadmill minute and we will dot the i’s and cross the t’s until you’re happy.

Round up your mates and get ready to celebrate your final days of freedom – this will be a Bucks Party to remember.

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Why have your bucks party in Hobart

Hobart may have some breathtaking views but it’s also a damn hilly place and the uphill slog is never as fun. Never fear, we’ve got a solution for you that won’t leave you feel like you involuntary signed up for the “advanced fitness only” class at the gym.

With a set of (bicycle) wheels, you can spend your days rolling through some natural forest and terrains – don’t forget your camera! If you want to up the ante, you can race your mates through some off-road tracks back into Hobart town. Last one back must shout everyone drinks. It’s a Hobartian rule.


If there is something Hobart does have down pat, it is it’s gourmet food scene. If you’re anything like your instagram pictures suggest, you’re a sucker for cheese (oh, we’ve seen that cheesy gym selfie of yours). Located just out of Hobart is Bruny Island Cheese Co.

These folks are passionate about the tradition of making and maturing cheese and we can assure you – they’re on to something here. You’ll find a mouthwater range of pungent, oozy soft cheese and classic curd cheeses. As no cheese platter is complete without some accompaniments, you’ll also be treated to bevvies, jams, relishes and other gourmet Tasmanian produce.