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Limo Airport Transfers

We know that it’s a tough competition to win Best Man of the year. You’ve got so many details to think about and so many things to tick off your to-do list. When you’re balancing things like booking entertainment, picking your watering hole and sussing the best place for a parmy, it’s easy to forget about the boring details. 

Once of the most commonly overlooked items is the transport. We’re not talking about booking the flights and choosing your seat. We’re more worried about how you’re actually going to get the lads to the airport on time and in one piece. 

It goes without saying that booking a transfer before you leave home will make that job all that bit easier. You can opt for the mini-bus and coach option, but this is a Bucks Party! And you’ve got a title to win! The only way to do that is by upgrading to ultimate luxury – limousine style. 

Wherever you’re located, wherever your flight leaves from and whatever hour of the day you thoughtless booked your flight for, we’ve got an OTT ride waiting for you. All you need to do is say the word, and we’ll be on standby ready to go. It’s really as easy as that. You’ll get all the credit for your organisation skills too. What a bonus!

Experience Overview

  • Chauffeur rides to and from the airport in a limousine
  • A ride kitted out with all the mod-cons
  • Dropped to your accommodation
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5 Reasons to do Limo Airport Transfers

  1. There is nothing worse than booking a taxi that doesn’t turn up or banking on snagging one on arrival, only to find the line is hours long. Taxi companies have a pretty nasty reputation for being overbooked or running late, especially around peak times like Christmas or New Year. We get how frustrating this can be, that’s why our limo transfers promises to arrive on time and at the right place. Wherever you are, whatever time it is, we’ll be there waiting for you. We’re just clingy like that. 
  2. Who carries cash these days?! Paying on the spot is so last year. And trying to split a bil?! God, we have a headache just thinking about it. When you pre-book a limo transfer with Wicked Bucks you can pay anyway you like before you get there. 
  3. Everyone has dreamt of living a day in the life of a Hollywood A-Lister. You may not have the Hemsworth abs and we can’t teach you the art of an Efron smile, but we can give you this. Rolling up in a limo will leave you feeling glamorous and it’s probably the closest you’ll ever be to receiving the celebrity experience. 
  4. Along with getting you from A to B, these limos are decked out with some pretty sweet features. The LCD screens, bar facilities, privacy screen and LED lighting are all the ingredients you need for a killer time. 
  5. Imagine the scene: You’ve just stepped off your flight, you’re desperately trying to hail a cab but there are none to be seen. Your party-goers are becoming increasingly tired, frustrated, and it’s your head on the chopping block. Never fear, Wicked Bucks to the rescue! Just when the gang is at their wits end, this sweet ride will roll in and everything will be good in the world once again.

Making the most of Limo Airport Transfers

Wanna live the lifestyle of the rich and famous? Heck yeah! Of course you do!

Save yourself the hassle, extra dollars and potential missed flight of trying to line up an uber or taxi on the spot. A Wicked Bucks Limo Transfer will get you and the boys from home to the airport AND back again! In style! How’s that for service? We operate transfers pretty much everywhere, so unless you’re calling the Sahara desert home, we can get to you. 


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