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Mini Bus Airport Transfers

So you’ve booked the flights, you’ve snagged some epic accommodation for your trip and you’ve even managed to round everyone up to be at the airport on time. You’ve practically won the title of Best Best Man, right? 

But wait… 

How are you getting from where you land to wherever you need to be? Do you even know where you need to be? Or how you’ll make it home from the airport for that matter? 

No need to get your knickers in a knot! Wicked Bucks understands that thinking about your airport travel isn’t exactly at the top of your Bachelor Party priorities. In fact, when you’ve got the excitement of an action packed adventure (and plenty of booze, babes and bbqs) waiting for you, it’s probably at the bottom of your to-do list. That’s why we’ve got you covered. 

With a Wicked Bucks Mini Bus Airport Transfer we can make your journey from the airport as seamless and stress free as it gets. Whether you’re travelling in a group of 20, you’re lugging a truckload of surfboards or you’ve packed like you’re moving out of home, we’ve got space for you. 

As a pack of keen party-goers, we understand that minimising your responsibilities, will only maximise the fun – and the potential beer consumption. What more could you want?! You can thank us later.

Experience Overview

  • Transfers to and from the airport
  • Private mini bus
  • A sweet driver with a banger playlist
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5 Reasons to do Airport Transfers

  1. Having pre-booked transfers will mean you can hit the ground running from the second you land. On Bachelor trip, Saturdays are not for the boys. Every day is for the boys. Don’t waste this precious time trying to muck around with exxy uber fares or complicated public transport systems. Give yourself a touch of luxury from the beginning and let the fun start now. 
  2. Keep the gang together. When you’re travelling in a big group, you probably won’t all fit into a taxi. It doesn’t matter how many times you give Mark directions and tell him the name of the hotel, he’s still going to get lost. A Mini Bus Airport Transfer will get the gang from A to B, without any casualties or MIAs. 
  3. Mini Bus Airport Transfers are the ultimate option for every overpacker. It doesn’t matter if you wear the same black tee-shirt every day at home, there will still be the guy that tries to lug along 6 dress shirts, 4 pairs of jeans, 5 different sunglasses and a french horn. Public transport is not an option when you’re juggling all your bags (and potentially nursing a hangover from the duty free grog). Taking the waiting out of the occasion and have a pre-booked ride ready to go. 
  4. It’s likely that your Bachelor Trip may involve a fair bit of travelling. Once you’ve landed at the airport and successfully made all your flights on time, there is no better way to celebrate than by having something pre-booked and ready to go. 
  5. Were you the unfortunate soul that got seat in front of the teething kid? Or on the aisle seat next to a guy with the world’s smallest bladder? Or a few rows back from the nail-gun sounding sneezer? Yikes, we’ve all been there! After a long haul (or even short distance) flight, the last thing you’ll feel like doing is carting your poor body onto a public bus, only to find there’s no seats left and the aircon is broken. Our mini bus airport transfer will treat you like royalty and give you a much needed break from the commoners.

Making the most of Mini Bus Airport Transfers

Wherever you’re landing and wherever you’re going, Wicked Bucks can arrange a Mini Bus airport transfer for you. Having that added piece of mind will mean you can switch off, remove your logistics hat and settle in for some quality time with the lads. It’s also convenient to pre-pay so that you don’t need to try split bills and fumble through your bag for the cash that you’re going to need for a bus, train or taxi. 

Say goodbye to faffing around trying to find a lift and secure your ride before you even take off. An Airport Transfer is just one of the many extra add ons Wicked Bucks has on offer. 


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