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Jared Jeffery

27 Mar, 2019, 3:30 pm

Top 5 Bachelor Party Outfits

On first thought, getting matching t-shirts for the Bucks Party might sound like the perfect idea – Just like saying yes to another tequila shot or ordering a kebab as you stumble home from your big night. Although a dog tag necklace with your name, address and emergency contact might be slightly more useful, we’re not sure it’s really a chick magnet. No need to stress, we are here to dish out the harsh (but necessary) fashion advice you need. Whether you’re a country bumpkin, city slicker or grab-the-closest-clean-shirt type of operator, we’ve got a wardrobe suggestion for you.

  1. Have you met my mate?

It might be a well worn idea, but there’s nothing wrong with the Bucks Party tradition of matching bachelor party outfits – okay, maybe a little bit but we’re not here to judge you. The list the matching costume ideas feels longer that a minute on the treadmill. You can pick between everything from Where’s Wally and Scooby Doo to KISS and ABBA. If you really want to step it up a notch, there’s also the option to go as famous duos and trios. Don’t worry, we won’t let your Missus know that she has some competition.  

  1. Here for a good time AND a long time

We know you like having a good time just as much as the next bloke, so it’s likely you’re going to find yourself on a dance floor as the lights come back on, stumbling home as the sun begins to peak over the hill or in a kebab shop ordering an 2am pick-me-up. If this sounds like your style, remember that comfort is key! It’s all very well and good to don your best tuxedo to impress the ladies, but if it’s likely that you’ll wake up chained to a mailbox (you might laugh now, but don’t say we didn’t warn you), take a page from your Mum’s book – A comfy shirt, pants and don’t forget the spare undies!

  1. I can’t believe he wore that

Bucks Parties are pretty much synonymous with silliness. Why not dress to match the theme of your night? We’re talking Borat-style bikinis, inflatable donkey suits or the full Star Wars get up. Before you get carried away and buy out the fancy-dress store, just remember to check what is actually on the agenda. You don’t want to turn up to go rock-climbing, if you’re dressed to match Priscilla Queen of the Desert – it won’t be a good view for your mates.

  1. Don’t you know who I am?

Bucks celebrations are a special time in any guy’s life, so why not dress to suit the occasion. Don your best tuxedo, whip out your leather loafers and prepare to feel like the true Hollywood A-lister you are. When you’re dressed to the nines and sipping your Gin Martini, you’re guaranteed to attract some attrition. Remember not to stray too far out of your comfort zone though because there’s nothing worse than being that over-dressed idiot of the group.

  1. “I won’t be a rock star. I will be a legend” – Freddie Mercury

Every groom-to-be is a rock star – even if it’s just in the eyes of his best buddies and Missus. So, when you’re throwing him a party for the history books, why not dress like a rock star to match? Chuck on your best pair of frayed jeans, that Metallica t-shirt from the back of your wardrobe and the seediest leather jacket you can find. When you’re dressed like a Beatles look alike, you won’t be queuing to get in anywhere.