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Jared Jeffery

19 Mar, 2019, 12:03 pm

Bucks Drinking Games

Buck’s parties come in more shapes, sizes, colours and patterns than women’s knickers. With Wicked Bucks’ list of Bachelor Party Drinking Games, you can fling yourself back to your uni days and kick start a celebration that will go down in history. While every guy will choose to celebrate their final days of freedom in a different way, there is one staple which is the main course of pretty much any bachelor party: drinking and lots of it. That doesn’t mean sharing a few beers with your mates is boring; in fact, we think it can almost be the best part. But here’s how to make the experience even more memorable with some drinking games that will bring out the bad boys in you, your buck and your mates.

2 dice drinking game


As the name suggests, you only need two dice to play this game. Although it’s even better to start with three in case you lose one. Before you start, make sure that every player has a big pint and a shot on the table in front of them. On their turn, each player rolls both die. The numbers displayed on both of the die determine your next move.

If the two numbers add up to a six, drink from your pint!

If you get double 1s, 2s, 3s or 4s, drink from your pint!

If you get double 3s or 6s, drink from your pint plus take a shot!

Also, drink a shot every time a die rolls off the table (make sure you have more shots).

The more players you have for this game, the better – and the longer it takes to get really messy.

anchor man


You don’t have to be Ron Burgundy to be a legend when you play this game. You just have to be prepared to scull a lot of beer. Split you and your buddies up into two teams. The teams sit at opposite sides of a table and in the middle of the table there’s a jug of beer. Each player fires off a coin trying to make it land in the jug of beer. The first team to get all their coins in the jug wins. The winning team then has to pick someone on the losing team to be the “anchor man”. The teammates of the anchor man drink first but decide how much of the jug they’ll leave for the anchorman, whether it’s just a drop or the whole thing. While taking their turns to drink, members of the losing team can’t take their mouths of the jug or they have to pass it along to the next person. The anchor man can take has mouth of the jug but he only has two minutes to finish it.



You’re sure to remember the name of this game (although since this is Australia, you can change it to “Arsehole” if you like). Deal out cards to all the players. The first person can place any card or cards adding up to the same value on the table. The next player has to match them for number of cards and card values (e.g. if you’re the second player and the first player puts down two 10s, you have to put down two 10s too). If the player lays down the exact same card as the previous player, the next player skips a turn and takes a drink. If you can’t use any of your cards you have to skip a turn and drink.

After this first round there’s a ranking system. The first person to play all their cards becomes the president, the second vice president, the third the secretary and the fourth the asshole. For the rest of the rounds, anyone with a higher rank than you can tell you to drink whenever they feel like it. Tough break for the asshole!

beer pong


We weren’t kidding when we said you’ll feel like you’re back in your uni prime time. Beer Pong may be as old as your Great Uncle John but, unlike your elderly relative, this game isn’t out of fashion and is still rated as one of the top buck’s drinking games. To set it up, you need two triangles of cups at either end of the table (preferably the red plastic cups from American movies. It’s a proven fact that beer tastes 84.36% better when drunk from these bad boys), each containing a few fingers of beer. The group is split into two teams and the groups stand behind their triangle of cups. Players take turns to lob a ping-pong ball into the cups of their opposition. If land in the cup, your opponent must polish off the beer. The more you drink, the worse your coordination gets and the better the competition is. The losing team is the first team to empty all their cups. This may just be the only sport where losing isn’t a terrible option.

glass of beer


The buck stands outdoors with a glass of beer. The rest of the crew has to rush him and tackle him before he can finish the beer. Each round, they get five metres closer until finishing the beer is an almost impossible challenge. It’s best he’s drinking the beer out of a non-glass cup for this one.


It’s Monopoly but with beer! And best of all, you can make up your own rules. Will you drink whenever you go to jail or drink whenever you have to pay rent to whoever’s on Mayfair? It’s up to you! In Beeropoly the choice is yours, so game on.  

drinking games


You and your mates sit around a table with beers. You can only say three words. Saying “whiz” bounces an imaginary ball to the next player. Saying “bounce” makes it skip a player. Saying “boing” makes it hit the wall and go in the opposite direction. If you make an error, you have to take a drink. If you get bored with your choice of words, feel free to make up some new ones.

beer glasses


Sneaky and cheeky but oh-so-fun. That’s Thumbmaster for you. Before the celebrations kick off, somebody in the party is named “The Thumb Master”. This person can start the game at any point during the party and as many times as they please, by placing their thumb on the edge of a table. The last person to cotton on and follow suit has to skull their drink. We give this buck’s party drinking game a solid double thumbs up.

buck holding beer


In this game, everyone has to use their left hand while drinking (unless you’re left-handed). If you see a player drinking with their right hand, you and the other players start shouting “BUFFALO! BUFFALO! BUFFALO!” repeatedly while clapping your hands and / or thumping the table. The offending player then has to finish his drink before you stop.

drinking game


Who is Cardinal Puff? It’s a mystery, but his drinking game is an inspired old classic. When all the players are seated around the table, the chairman starts the game by standing up and announcing “I drink to the health of Cardinal Puff”. He taps the table with one finger on his left hand then one finger on his right. Then he takes under the table once with every finger on each hand. Then he taps his right leg with his right hand and his left leg with his left hand. He picks up his glass between one finger and his thumb and takes a drink.

He then says “I drink to the health of Cardinal Puff” for a second time and repeats each step in the above sequence using two fingers. Then he says it a third time and completes the sequence with three fingers. After this, he takes a well-deserved break and the next person tries their luck drinking to the health of the Cardinal.  

drinking game


Sit in a circle. Someone calls out a question like “have you ever been naked in public?” etc. Anyone who has done so has to take a drink. There are many ways to vary this game and you can have a great time making up your own rules.



Warning: play this one only if you’re truly prepared to chug down a serious amount of beer. Here’s how it works: The first player draws a card. The second player then draws a card. If the second player’s card is in some way related to the first player’s (same value, same suit etc) then both players have to take the same number of sips from their drinks as written on their cards. The next player counts the sips that the pair are drinking but if one of the players finishes their beer before he’s done counting, he has to finish his own drink. He then draws a card. If his cars is related in some way to either the first OR the second player’s, then both card holders have to drink. This goes round and round the circle until at some point the link is broken. See, they don’t call it Death Ring for nothing?



Ever thought you were destined to win a Game Show? Do you have a bottomless pit of useless knowledge up your sleeve? Are you a quick thinker? If you answered yes to these questions, this could be the game for you. If you answered no to these questions, well this is still the buck’s party game for you. Once the drinks are poured a category is chosen. Think anything from sports brands and countries to body parts and sex positions. The game goes around in a circle and each player has to name an item within the categories. Anybody that hesitates repeats an answer or give an incorrect answer has to scull their drink. This one can get hot and feisty, so BYO protection. Definitely a top buck’s party drinking game in our eyes.


This bucks drinking game is another American college staple. The party is split into two teams and each contestant has a cup of beer in front of them. The first player sculls their drink before attempting to flip it so it lands with the cup opening facing down on the table. After sculling the drink, the contestant must successfully flip the cup before the play is passed on to the next player in the team. The winning team is the group which finishes drinking and flipping first. This game is sort of like those cup-singing videos you used to watch on Facebook (minus the singing). It might look easy, but you’re likely to leave feeling like an incompetent fool. Although that won’t do anything for your manhood, it’s bound to give your mates a laugh.



Embarrass the buck and your mates by getting them to open up about their deepest and darkest secrets. Say something you’ve never done, for example “I have never had sex in public”. Everyone else who has will then say “I did”, “I have” etc and take a drink. This opens up the opportunity to ask deep and probing questions about the wicked things your friends have done. It’s a guaranteed fun way to get to know one another better.

man drinking


When you pick your mates to join you on your Bucks Party, it’s likely that you’ll be picking your nearest and dearest. Those special friendships that leave your missus scratching her head and wondering if she has something to be worried about. Why not add some fuel to the fire and let your true feelings be known? In a special game we like to call “One Sock Cutters”, your true bromance will never be stronger. The action moves in a circle from one player to another, with each saying “One Sock cutter, he cuts socks” and continuing with “Two sock cutters…”, “Three sock cutters…” etc. Play continues until someone inevitably slips the expletive. These slip of the mouths earn contestants several fingers of beer and a room full of laughs. This is guaranteed to be a good laugh.  



What guy doesn’t love playing with some hard, woody blocks? The only thing better than this stiff action, it’s stacks of it. Write a different rule on each block of Jenga and let the play begin as usual. Each turn will bring a new challenge, rule or drinking penalty.  If you knock down the tower, you’ll need to down your drink. Meet you at the bottom.



Simple and effective buck’s drinking game. Drag out the speaker and play ‘Roxanne’ by The Police at full volume. Every time you hear the word “Roxanne”, you’ll need to take a drink. If The Police isn’t really your jam, there are plenty of other songs that will get the job done. Try – “Jamming” by Bob Marley or “Baby” by Justin Bieber.

friends cheering shot glasses


If you’re parents ever told you that drinking wasn’t always the answer, they obviously never played this game. The first contestant names a celebrity (e.g. Ellen DeGeneres). The person to their left then names a celebrity whose name begins with the last letter of the previous celebrity (e.g. DeGeneres à Sandra Bullock). The person naming the celebrity must drink until they can think of an answer.


We’re really not sure where this came from nor what the purpose is – except to produce some ab-inducing laughs. Wherever you go to drink, you have to lock your elbows in at your sides like you have t-rex arms. Anyone caught with outstretched arms must finish their drink. Rated highly as one of the top buck’s drinking games.

ice tray


You’re firing a coin into an ice tray. The right side is the “give” side and the left is the “take” side. If the coin lands on the right side, someone else has to take a drink. If it lands on the left side, you have to take a drink. If it’s the closest hole to you, one sip will do. Increase the sips depending on the distance from you that the hole sits.


From a deck of cards, each player is dealt one that they can’t look at. They have to stick the cards to their foreheads so that everyone else but them can see them. Each player has to bet that he has the highest card and specify how many sips he’s willing to bet. Whoever has the lowest card has to take the total number of the sips

tv show


Watch one of your favourite TV shows, whether it’s Red Dwarf, Mr. Bean or the I.T Crowd. Whenever one of the characters repeats a famous catchphrase or does something they’re well-known for doing, take a sip. You should have a nice buzz going on way before the half-hour episode has come to an end.



One player starts the game by saying “fuzzy duck”. The next player either repeats the phrase or saying “does he?”. If a player says “does he?”, then the next player has to change the catchphrase to “ducky fuzz” until another player says “does he?”. The game continues this way until someone goofs and has to take a sip of their drink.

snakes and ladders


No doubt you’ve played the classic board game ‘Snakes and Ladders’ before. You can put a boozy twist on it by adding some drinking rules eg: take a sip whenever you have to move your counter down the tail of a snake. In fact, this sort of drinking game works with the majority of board games as long as you’re creative enough.


If you’re after the type of night that goes until the sun comes up the next morning, this is the buck’s party drinking game for you. It’s just like you’ll feel at the end of the night – messy and mixed-up. Everyone must pour some of their drink into a communal pint glass. Once you’ve got a questionable looking concoction, a coin in flipped and the first player must call it. If their wrong, the dirty pint is theirs to finish. The game continues around in a circle with each player having their turn to call the flip. We haven’t worked out when exactly the game ends, but we figure it’s somewhere around when you run out of drinks for the pint.