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tayela petterwood wicked bucks


18 Jun, 2024, 1:01 pm


types of men on a bucks party

When it comes to bucks parties, the mixing of the groom’s best mates is always interesting. The variety of personalities is what makes the occasion unforgettable, always ensuring it will be an entertaining night out. At Wicked Bucks, we’ve got to know a wide array of these characters over the years, and have created a list of the stereotypical types of men you are likely to encounter at a bucks party. 

1. The Best Man

The best man is the heart and soul of the operation; blood, sweat, and tears have gone into making this party an epic send-off for the groom. He has planned and organized every last detail, from the day-time boat trip to the boozy nightlife tour, and will make sure the ship runs smoothly. He is the glue holding the group together, ensuring everyone has an unforgettable experience, especially his right hand man on his last night of freedom. 

2. The Boring One

Every group needs the friend who isn’t always the life of the party. He typically prefers the quieter activities and the clubbing scene isn’t really his cup of tea. Although he enjoys the camaraderie and socializing of a bucks party, he often gets denoted as the ‘boring one’. However, don’t diminish his importance in the group; he brings a sense of stability to the unhinged chaos. He is always there to get anyone out of sticky situations and, you never know, sometimes the boring ones might surprise you… 

3. The Bad Influence

The bad influence is the devil on everyone’s shoulder. Not only is he always down for one more, he convinces everyone else to follow in his footsteps. His crazy ideas ensure there is never a dull moment and the party is kept alive into the early hours of the morning. Although his excitement occasionally needs a bit of management to prevent things getting out of hand, you can always rely on him for a good time, leaving everyone with wild and unforgettable stories from the night. 

4. The Lightweight

The lightweight is the one smashed before you’ve even got to the club. Although he needs some looking after later into the night, he is merely a trailblazer for the rest of the group to follow, getting the vibes high from the get go. He is a reliable source of fun, being the focal point of many humorous moments and stirring laughter within the group. His enthusiasm is unmatched, providing all-night entertainment for the party. 

5. The Groom

Last but certainly not least is the Groom, the man of the hour. Everyones number one priority is his enjoyment, making sure every activity is perfectly catered to his preferences. Whether he’s being entertained by strippers, dominating the poker hand or getting drunk on a boat, you can guarantee he’s having the time of his life, enjoying his last night of freedom with his best mates. 

From the meticulous planning of the best man to the wild antics of the bad influence, the unique blend of personalities makes every bucks party an unforgettable night. Wicked Bucks understands the importance of these dynamics, ensuring we have an activity for everyone, no matter which member of the group you are. If you’re the stressed out, overwhelmed best man, let us take away your stress and help you plan an epic Bucks party.