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male wicked bucks staff member in the garden

Jared Jeffery

06 Dec, 2023, 11:31 am

Gentlemen, gear up and get ready for a bucks party experience like no other! If you’re the best man entrusted with organising your mate’s unforgettable bucks day, look no further than Wicked Bucks’ Ultimate Bucks Golf Day! Our mission? To deliver the biggest, greatest, and most memorable bucks day, bucks night, and bucks weekend packages.


Unleash Your Inner Gentleman on Gold Coast Greens


The Gold Coast in Queensland offers more than just sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife; it’s also home to some of the finest golf courses that set the stage for an epic bucks golf day. Picture this: You and the lads, teeing off against the stunning backdrop of the Gold Coast, competing for that elusive hole-in-one.

But wait, there’s more – our secret ingredient to elevate your golfing experience. Say farewell to the local kids you used to pay a few bucks; welcome instead a duo of smoking hot golf babes as your caddies. Yes, you read that right. As you navigate the green fairways, these attractive caddies will ensure you have the right club for the occasion and add an extra layer of charm to your golfing escapade.


A Golfing Odyssey with the Bucks Twist


Wicked Bucks understands that no two bucks parties are the same, and that’s why we cater to groups of all sizes – be it four, six, or eight of your closest mates. So, put on your golf hat and those checked shorts (or not, if you prefer), and get ready to play golf in a way you’ve never experienced before – the Wicked Bucks way.

Whether you’re a golfing novice or a seasoned pro channeling your inner Tiger Woods, our Bucks Golf Day promises an experience beyond the ordinary. Feel the Gold Coast sun kissing your skin (don’t forget the sunscreen, though) as you journey through the course, mastering each swing with your trusty caddies by your side.


After the Swing – Time for Some Sips


After a day of golfing glory, it’s only fitting to head back to the clubhouse for some well-earned refreshments. You’ve played a good game out there, and now it’s time to kick back, relax, and relive those victorious moments with your mates. This bucks party idea is not just a game of golf; it’s a winning combination of skill, style, and Wicked Bucks flair.


So, are you ready to elevate your bucks party with a touch of sophistication and a dash of mischief? If the answer is a resounding “Yes,” then it’s time to embrace the Bucks Golf Day – where gentlemanly pursuits meet the unforgettable moments only Wicked Bucks can deliver. Tee off into the ultimate bucks day with style, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime. Wicked Bucks – where every celebration is an epic adventure!