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Jared Jeffery

28 Mar, 2019, 4:48 pm

Non-Drinking Bucks Games

Bucks Party Games are essential for any buck’s party and any party in general, right? Yet mention buck’s party or bachelor’s party games and some people will naturally jump to the conclusion that you’re talking about drinking games. Not so fast. While drinking games have their time and place and we at Wicked Bucks definitely won’t knock them, there are plenty of other ways to have fun with zero alcohol required. Looking for the right game to play for your friend’s final weekend of the single life? You can’t go wrong with one of these ten winners.

There are stacks of good reasons to introduce some games into your buck’s weekend plans. It’s fun. It’s a bit of friendly competition and rivalry between mates. It’s something to do while you’re chilling out together in your bucks party accommodation, or just before you head out for a night on the town with some of our other wicked activities.

So what are our picks for the top non-drinking games to play while having a wicked weekend – your mate’s last weekend of freedom? Here you go. We should point out that these bucks party games are in no special order. As a matter of fact, they’re ALL great. Pick one. Pick two. Pick many. You’re sure to pick a winner in any case.

bucks group jumping in lake


Although buck’s parties are famous for being “anything goes” events, it doesn’t hurt to establish a few rules. Even if it’s only to ensure that what happens at buck’s weekend stays at buck’s weekend. The beauty of this game is that since it’s your party, you and your buddies can make up whatever commandments best suit you, whether it’s “no bitching about the brand of your mate’s free beer” or “no romantic comedies on Netflix”.


Ask the buck about all his ex-girlfriends and ask him to tell you some funny stories about each of them. Then you get together with your buds and tell the stories but without including the names of the girls. Your buds will have to try and guess which girlfriend each story is about. The closer the mateship between you all and the better you all know each other, the more effective this game will be.


After you’ve had a private strip show from one of our gorgeous Wicked Bucks strippers, play a little game afterward. Give each of the party guests a piece of paper with some questions on it about the stripper. Examples could be “what was her eye colour?”, “what song did she dance to?” and “what was she wearing?” (before she took it all off, of course). Test your mates’ powers of observation by pointing them in the direction of one particularly pleasant sight.   

beautiful women


Start this game with the buck having a turn first and then go around and give all the other plays a go. Make a list of hot celebrities (or find some pictures). Ask your buddies how they think the buck will rank the celebrities in order of preference if he had to pick one to be alone on a desert island with. When the buck reveals his actual preferences, the bloke with the closest guess wins.

grooms party


The buck will make a list of all the things he’ll never do again after he gets married. You and the other guests will write down all the things you would never do again after you get married. Or, if you’re already married, all the things (you swear) you haven’t done since you tied the knot. These could include peeing in the shower, leaving empty beer bottles around the house or any other wild bachelor behaviours you and the boys have reined in since getting hitched. The wackier, the better. Have everyone cut their answers out into cards and then draw the cards out of a hat and see if everyone can guess who wrote each one. Even if you don’t guess the answer correctly, you’re guaranteed to get some laughs out of this game.

buck in a dress


This one is a very wicked prank indeed! If your buck goes to sleep wearing only his boxer shorts or briefs, take his clothes, mobile phone, wallet etc and leave him only the most feminine dress you can find. Leave a note for him saying you’ll meet him at a nearby pub the next morning. When he wakes up and sees the note, he’ll simply have to get down to the pub and meet you if he wants to see his stuff again. Remember, this prank is truly diabolical, so make sure he’s a really good mate of yours first.



This game is very simple but can potentially provide hours of entertainment. Just stick condoms to the other guests at the party and hope they don’t notice. For best results, use brightly coloured fluorescent ones. Make sure you keep enough condoms so that your single mates are looked-after if they get laid later.

beautiful celebrity


The buck and the rest of you guys write down the names of the celebrities you’d most like to sleep with. You can take this seriously or have a laugh with it (clearly the more amusing option). Then you can guess which member of your group picked which celebrity. While gorgeous celebrities might be easier to guess, funny options are guaranteed to give everyone a laugh.


A great friendship is built on trust, right? (among other obvious things like a shared appreciation of beer and sport). Trust the Groomsmen is a game that basically involves your buck putting his trust in his best buddies. One example is to tell the buck to drink a glass of water with a goldfish inside it as a dare. Blindfold him, then replace the glass of water with a glass of juice. It’s a wholesome prank with a surprisingly happy ending.  

bucks playing foosball

Foosball / Air Hockey Table

Love soccer or hockey but not the sporting type? There’s no need to get out on the field and actually take the lumps yourself when you play a game of foosball or air hockey. These little figurines will do it for you. All you have to do is use the knobs to control them! Wicked Bucks can come to your hotel room, set up the table and even throw in a couple of sexy Wicked Angels too. You know, unless you really object to them being there? (hint: we don’t think you will). Once we’ve set up your table for you, you can take your pick of foosball or soccer, whatever suits you. Play it to your heart’s content!


Get your friends together and get a taste of how it feels to be race car legends just for a short time. Whether you’re racing each other to see who emerges victorious or you’re playing it cool and running your own race, Go Karting is a great way to let off a little steam in a pressure-free environment. At Wicked Bucks we have a variety of tracks for you to test your skills on, let loose and feel the need for speed in a safe environment.  

bucks playing paintball


Paintball is many things. It’s an adventure into the Australian jungle. It’s a game of strategy with military-style manoeuvring and the need to think quick and fast. It’s a staple of buck’s parties that helps to your bachelor’s weekend one to remember. Plus it’s a damn fine game, and we can help you make it a part of your buck’s party weekend with our Wicked Bucks paintball. Put on your military uniforms, pick up your paintball guns and head into the forest to take on your buds with a round of survival of the fittest!  You may be great mates with these guys in real life but in the ruthless world of the paintball field it’s every man for himself!

bucks group playing golf


You may be thinking ‘wait a minute – golf? I can play that any time I like with my dad and his buddies from work. Why would I play it now?’ Not so fast. You may have played golf but it’s unlikely you’ve played golf the Wicked way. Our way. With Wicked Bucks-style golf some of the hottest golf bunnies you’ve ever seen in your life will caddy for you and accompany you around the course. After that you and the lads will head back to the clubhouse to kick back, relax and have a few drinks. You won’t get that golfing with your dad and his office mates, that’s for sure!

high rollers poker

High Rollers Poker

You can always break out the cards and play a regular game of poker, but why settle for that when Wicked Bucks can have you playing poker like a high-roller? You’ll feel like a celebrity or a crime boss (whichever you’d prefer) when you kick back with a cigar in your mouth, a whiskey in one hand and five cards in the other. Even better, we provide beautiful topless waitresses and a topless poker dealer who knows exactly what she’s doing. With our High Rollers Poker, even if you lose the game, you’ll still win.  

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Now THIS is a game you definitely don’t want to be drinking for! It IS, however, very safe and a damn fun game. Pick up your gun and ready, aim, fire at the clay discs spinning through the sky. You’ll see how good a shot you really are!

bucks playing lawn bowls

Barefoot Bowls

No doubt you’re already familiar with the great Aussie tradition of barefoot bowls. But Wicked Bucks barefoot bowls has all the makings of a game that can’t be beat: bowls, beers, barbeques, babes and you and your mates. And like the name suggests, you can play this game barefoot. That’s a bonus! Another bonus is you’re out enjoying the sunshine for the duration of the activity as well. Can it get any better? We think Wicked-style bowls is about as good as it gets.  

sumo suit

Sumo Suit Wrestling

Sumo suit? Yes, sumo suit! Here at Wicked Bucks we’ve thought of everything! Take any game you play to the next level with these sumo suits or even use them as a game of their own. Gives new meaning to the phrase “suit up”, doesn’t it? No matter what you’re up to, there’s an opportunity to throw on a sumo suit and spar like a pair of chunky warriors. Playing bowls? Sumo suit! Poker? Sumo suit! Just walking down the street? Sumo suit? Is there ever a time when the sumo suit isn’t appropriate? Well, maybe at the wedding. Maybe.

bucks axe throwing

Axe Throwing

If your bachelor party is in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, one of the games you can add to your bucks party activities for the weekend is the manly art of axe throwing. It might sound dangerous but don’t worry, it’s more like playing darts, and your safety is paramount. Lumberpunks has venues in both Brissie’s West End and the Gold Coast’s Miami where you can put on your best flannel shirt and take aim at a target seeing how handy you are with a big, sharp, heavy weapon. This game takes more skill than you might think but it’s a whole lot of fun as well.

card games

Your Own Games

It’s your party. You can do what you want, and play what you want. All those games you knew and loved during your childhood are fair game (so to speak) for you to bring back now. Examples include Truth or Dare and 20 Questions. Additionally, you can play a board games or a card games which is guaranteed to always be amusing. Maybe some combination of all of your favourite games and a whole bunch of Wicked Bucks’ picks as well? Up to you. It’s party time!


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