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Experience Overview

  • Chicken Parmi + Boobs
  • Great for large groups
  • Plenty of chicken fillets
  • Dinner with a view
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Titz and Snitz Sydney Dinner Ideas

Destination: SYDNEY

6 min
2+ Hrs

Wicked Bucks has a boy’s night out that you definitely won’t regret. We’re talking serious dude food, a cute topless waitress and a spunky private show for your partygoers. These babes will have all your senses tingling – including your taste buds. They’re fun, they’re flirty and they’re here for you. These cute topless waitresses are like something out of your wildest dreams. The night will kick off with these lovely ladies serving you some serious dude food. 

We took to the responsibility of road testing the offerings, and we can assure you that this food will have you drooling – even months after you finish the meal. Once the night goes on, these cheeky babes will slowly lose their skimpy diner-style get-ups. The raunchy action doesn’t stop there, though! It turns out they’re not just waitresses – they’re performers too. The showgirls will keep the party rolling with their elaborate Burlesque acts, but on stage and among your crew. Like what you’re hearing? We thought so.


a girl holding a chicken schnitzel


5 Reasons to choose Titz and Snitz in Sydney

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4.5 rating from Google Reviews

Such a good weekend. Went with a group of mates who all had a great time. The highlight was two gorgeous babes cooking us breakfast after the night out!! Definitely a must do!


- Asthon R

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