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Experience Overview

  • Babes ready to dominate included
  • Comes with stag paraphernalia
  • Watch the stag publicly humiliated
  • Make sure to bring your camera
  • Nothing like the element of surprise
  • Humiliate the man of the hour
  • Great content for the wedding speeches
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Kidnap the Stag Auckland Stag Party Ideas

Destination: AUCKLAND

6 min
2 Hrs

The best Bucks Party are always the ones where you can laugh at your Buck’s expense. Stitch your soon-to-be groom up with the ultimate prank by kidnapping him and giving him a good scare. Wicked Buck’s Kidnap the Stag can be as boozy, crazy and wild as you dare. Imagine this…you and the boys are all kicking back, having a drink and getting ready for a big night out on the town. Just as the Buck cracks open his next cold one, there is a knock at the door. The soon-to-be-groom will open to door to find “police” searching for him. An organised kidnapping to scare the daylights out of the man to be is one of our top Auckland stag party ideas.

Being the only one that isn’t in on the joke, the rest of the party will have to do their best to keep a straight face while the Buck is bundled into the cop car. God knows what will be going through his head while he sits in the back of the van – en route to somewhere he’d rather not spend his own celebration cooped up in. The pay-off comes when your terrified mate is thrown into a private room where you ad the boys will be on standby to laugh at his trembling knees – and capture his bright red face. It promises to deliver plenty of memories that’ll keep you laughing for years to come.


sexy police women for kidnap the buck


5 Reasons to do a Kidnap the Stag experience in Auckland

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4.5 rating from Google Reviews

Such a good weekend. Went with a group of mates who all had a great time. The highlight was two gorgeous babes cooking us breakfast after the night out!! Definitely a must do!


- Asthon R

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