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Cairns Barefoot Bowls Bucks Day Ideas

Looking for some ball action? We know just how you like it. Grab your mates, sink a coupla beers and strip off – ya shoes, that is! Barefoot Bowls is where it’s at. There aren’t many sports you can play with a cold bevvie in hand so we think this is a pretty damn good one. We’ve often scratched our heads, trying to work out why our Grandparents spend so much time down at the local bowls club. But we’ve finally cracked the code. Barefoot Bowls combines all the best things in life – booze, all the boys and a spot of healthy competition. And just like you, this game is simple.


The object of Barefoot Bowls is simply to get your bowl as close to the back as possible. The trick is that the bowl is weighted, so it doesn’t always go in a straight line. The winner is the player that goes his balls as close to the jack by the end of the game. It’s as easy as that! Being a slower paced game, you’re free to roam the greens with a ball in one hand and a beer in the other. We’ll even throw in bowls, a mat, a jack and a quick demo if you’re a bit rusty. 

Experience Overview

  • balls included
  • bbq options available
  • great for large groups
  • bowls bunnies* subject to availability
  • perfect bucks activity to work into a big night
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5 Reasons to choose Barefoot Bowls in Cairns

  1. Are you looking for a reason to toast? After a spot of bowls, you can celebrate your win (or your loss) with some more beers with the boys. 
  2. Lawn Bowls may commonly be associated with pristine white uniforms worn by pensioners and a consverative code of conduct. But after undergoing a youthful transformation, local clubs are starting to ‘lax on the rules. You won’t need to worry about raiding your Grandpa Joe’s wardrobe. Just turn up ready to go and Wicked Bucks will take care of the rest. 
  3. But hey, if you want to rock the knee-high socks and tucked in shirt look, who are we to stop you?!
  4. The weather in Cairns can be described in one way – Perfect. When you’re out on the greens with your mates, you’ll be able to soak in the year-round sunshine and picturesque views. 
  5. We’ll forgive you for not knowing the ins and outs of this game. That’s why we’ve got a team of experts (not the golden oldie kind) on standby ready to show you how it’s done.

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barefoot bowls

Making the most of Barefoot Bowls in Cairns

Cairns is practically synonymous with the word fun. The small city is every guy’s paradise and you’ll never run out of activities to keep you and your mates busy. Attracting thousands of backpackers from around the world every year means that there are more bars, hostels, pubs and clubs than you can poke a stick at. Whether it’s Monday lunchtime or Saturday night, you’ll be able to find a bustling watering hole practically begging you to come inside.

But, Cairns isn’t just all fun and games. The Northern Queensland destination has a myriad of beautiful locations too. Cairns is the gateway to The Great Barrier Reef, where you’re guaranteed to see more sea life than anywhere else in the world. Further inland, you’ll find plenty of hikes, bush walks and tropical rainforests to explore. All in all, Cairns is the place for anyone. Whatever you’re looking for, Wicked Bucks will be able to tee it up for you. All you need to do is round up the boys and get ready for a celebration for the history books.