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Go Karting Cairns Bucks Party Idea

We’ve hooked you up with a sweet, sweet ride. You’ll be in the driver’s seat and in control of this machine, which only means one thing – It’ll be exactly the way you like it. An afternoon of Go Karting in Cairns is the best way to fuel your adrenaline and keep you going until the finish line. Whoever told you it’s not a race to the finish line has obviously never been Go Karting with Wicked Bucks

This won’t be like that time you went to the track with your buddies in primary school and chugged around the course like your wheels were layered with honey. A Wicked Bucks Go Karting race will pump adrenaline through your body, as you complete a minefield of hairpin turns, uphill climbs and cambered corners. The premiere track is the best place to send your buddies head to head, and separate the boys from the men. May the best (or dirtest) player win. 

Experience Overview

  • Great for all skills levels
  • Competitive based activity
  • Race girls available
  • Great for large groups
  • Race girls available
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5 Reasons to do Go-Karting in Cairns

  1. Go Karting is something for everyone. We can find a karting options for every party-goers, whether they’re 5 or 82 – so there are no excuses for chickening out. 
  2. A healthy dose of competition is (or should be) the staple in every man’s diet. With your best buddies zipping around the track and yahoo-ing like the bunch of hooligans that you are, victory will taste even sweeter. 
  3. Interested in scoring some big prizes? Well, we can’t exactly offer you a gold plated trophy but we hear that bragging rights are much more useful. 
  4. We’ve all heard your Missus nagging you for all that “wasted time” playing video games. This is your opportunity to prove that spending 6-hours straight playing Mario Kart on a Sunday instead of mowing the lawn actually does have some value… You can thank us later. 
  5. If a need for speed isn’t something that comes naturally to you, we can also tee up some pre-race training from some of the best in the business. With all their tips and tricks, you’re almost guaranteed to take home a win.

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Making the most of Go Karting Cairns

Who needs the Bahamas when you’ve got Cairns right on your doorstep. The North Queensland city is a hotspot for all things tropical, chilled and fun. It’s the type of place you can start your day with a morning hike and swim through a waterfall, yet finish with a frozen margarita in hand, dancing on a table, with a European backpacker you picked up in the line at the fish and chip shop. If you think it sounds pretty dreamy, you’d be right! Offering something for absolutely everyone, Cairns is (quite literally) a hot destination. Wicked Bucks can take all the hard work out of your hands, so all you’ll be left to do is say “Yes, I will have a mojito with that!”. If you say the word, we can bring your ultimate Bucks Party in Cairns to life.