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Craft Brewery Tour Christchurch Stag Day and Night Ideas


6 min
3+ Hrs

It’s no secret that craft beer is the golden nectar of the Gods. What has remained a mystery is how these experimental fruit infusions have been brought to life – until now. Wicked Bucks can take you behind the scenes of New Zealand’s best froths. So fire up the group chat and get the boys amped for a Craft Brewery Tour in Christchurch. Craft beer is booming across the world, and local breweries are becoming a hot spot for dudes wanting to wet their whistles on a tasting paddle every weekend. While the number of breweries continues to increase, finding a venue worth the hype can be more challenging. Wicked Bucks has done the hard yards (aka. Sipped our way around the country), and we reckon that Christchurch is one of the best places in New Zealand to sink fruity fusions or hybrid flavours with your mates. 

We didn’t stop there, though. After travelling far and wide, we’ve rounded up the best of the best, and we’re ready to serve it up to you and the boys. This craft brewery tour will take you to a range of different venues where you can try beer styles that you’ve never tried or even heard of before. The top-notch selection of flavours also includes a number of seasonal beers that aren’t even for sale on the retail market. We won’t just fill you up with beer and let you roll yourselves home, either. These open-cellar-door style joints will teach you how the beer is brewed and the subtle differences between each concoction and provide you with a whole new appreciation for the effort that goes into your favourite golden nectars. These inviting and casual spaces also serve up an aromatic menu of dude food so that you don’t hit the deck too early in the day. 


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5 Reasons to do a Craft Brewery Tour in Christchurch

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4.5 rating from Google Reviews

Such a good weekend. Went with a group of mates who all had a great time. The highlight was two gorgeous babes cooking us breakfast after the night out!! Definitely a must do!


- Asthon R

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