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Bucks Party Cruise Tauranga

Ahoy mateys! Whip out your sailors shoes and don your best pirate accent, we’re hitting the high seas in true party style. A Wicked Bucks Bucks Cruise through Tauranga is a totally luxe and completely OTT way to throw your buddy a send off, but we are all about that. Jump on board and get ready to throw your adult responsibilities overboard. This experience is as impressive and rewarding as they come. 

To say a Wicked Bucks Cruise is impressive would be an understatement. The beautiful Tauranga Harbour and its surrounding islands are as picturesque as a postcard. The glistening waters, staggering cliff faces and lush green make the perfect backdrop for your afternoon of cruising. After jumping aboard the luxe and exotic boat, your private cruise will snatch you away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Plush daybeds, a full-catering service and a free flow of beers – it’s basically a floating  man cave. The best part about being hidden away from the rest of civilization is that you can pump your tunes, get a little rowdy and make a stack of lifelong memories, without anyone butting in.  If you are really looking for the full-blown experience, you can also opt for on-board entertainment.

These ladies don’t just dress up, dance and celebrate, they really know how to get the party going. They’re practically begging to strut their stuff and get low on the makeshift dance floor, all in honour of the man-of-the-hour. Skip the club lines, keep everyone together and soak in your private show, a Wicked Bucks Cruise is a cheeky taste of the high life. 

Experience Overview

  • Enjoy a day out on the water with your best mates
  • Catering and drink packages available
  • With no neighbours around you can pump the music as loud as you like!
  • Cheeky on-board entertainment available
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Reasons to do a Bucks Party Cruise

  1. Keeping everyone together doesn’t just keep morale high, it also cuts down on time wasted looking for the drunken stragglers of the group. Without the worry of exxy Ubers or confusing public transport systems, you’ll have more time to let loose and forget about all your worries. 
  2. If you didn’t pretend to be a pirate when you were a little boy, did you even have a childhood? With your buddy’s final days of freedom quickly dwindling, this could be one of his last opportunities to channel his inner little-boy tendencies before he hits married life. Throw your mate the kid-inspired celebration that he deserves
  3. Boys + Boat = no neighbours. Without the threat of noise restrictions, curfews or lock out laws, you can party as loud and rowdy as you please. 
  4. Let’s be honest, New Zealand is quite possibly one of the most picturesque destinations on earth. Even if you’ve never visited the country, you’ve probably seen enough photos and Instagram stories to feel like you have. The best way to truly soak in the natural beauty is from the water. The uninterrupted views out to the horizon, across the cliffs and back towards the city are too incredible to put into words. 
  5. We can drop anchors anywhere you like. See a nice little cove that you fancy? Want to snag the perfect spot for sunset? Trying to get the perfect Instagram snap of the cliffs? Your personal captain is at your service and willing to do (just about) anything that you ask of him. Why not test the limits?
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Making the most of Bucks Boat Cruise Tauranga

Situated in the Bay of Plenty, the location name says it all. Tauranga is literally a coastal haven, filled with just about everything you’ve ever wanted – as well as everything you never knew you wanted. Beautiful beaches, delicious food, stunning outdoor scenery and friendly locals, the options are pretty much endless. True to the spirit of New Zealand, there is a seemingly ridiculous number of adrenaline-fuelled activities on offer. Surprise your mate and get ready to take the piss out of his girly squeal as you take on adventure helicopter rides, skydiving, V8 trikes or downhill mountain biking trips.

The cultural nuts of the group will be more than satisfied with the diverse range of artisan boutiques, art galleries, museums and cultural houses. Just when you thought Tauranga couldn’t get any better, this overgrown village also packs a punch in the nightlife scene. Whether you’re a budding Michael Jackson or you’ve got the coordination of your two-year-old nephew, these dancefloors will be a popular haunt during your time in Tauranga. The eclectic mix of bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants rival that of a city much bigger, but still maintain their small-town vibe.

It’s time to say goodbye to your secret stash of chocolate in your bedroom, because Tauranga is about to become your new true love. Swing Wicked Bucks a message and we’ll set you up for a party to remember.