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Bucks Clay Shooting

Bullets and boys, it might sound like a Hollywood blockbuster storyline but it’s also the key ingredient to throwing your mate the send off that he deserves. Clay Shooting with Wicked Bucks in Wanaka is probably the closest you’ll ever get to feeling like you’re in a James Bond movie, and you won’t even need to wear the uncomfortable tuxedo while you shoot it up. 

Clay Shooting is the sort of activity you dreamt of doing as a kid, but never dared to actually ask your Mum to take you down to the fields. Now that your buddy is preparing to walk down the aisle, you’re probably old enough to make the decision for yourself. This crowd-pleaser sport is the ultimate dude activity. Wicked Bucks will give you the opportunity to take the buck down to the shooting range and we’ll even throw in some world-class instructors to make sure he actually hits something. 

Armed with a powerful shotgun and stocked up with ammo, you’ll be let loose on the fields to shoot at the clay targets flying from every direction. Don’t get comfortable or cocky too quickly though, this is just the warm up round. Once you’ve worked out how to actually aim the thing and you’ve hopefully shot at least one target, we’ll unleash the real fun. Step up to the plate, take your stance and put your money where your mouth is. The full-scale competition will see dozens of random targets flying through the air at once and will test your reaction time, aim and adrenaline-threshold.

The on-site instructors will be on standby to ensure the fast-paced action doesn’t get too much for the slower members of the group, and also to take the piss out of the soon-to-be-groom for his shitty technique. Once you’re standing on a mountain of spent ammo, it’s time to retire to the club house for the all-important after-game drinks. Whether you’re toasting to a win or attempting to drown your sorrows, the free-flowing adrenaline makes the drinks go down a treat. 

Experience Overview

  • Explosive experience
  • Gun selection and fitting
  • Shotgun handling and firing techniques from the professionals
  • Mini competition
  • Who has the best aim?
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Reasons to go Bucks Clay Shooting in Wanaka

  1. Wicked Bucks Clay Shooting is designed for guys of all abilities. The professional instructors will walk you through the basics to ensure that you actually hit something. Your mates will also be on-site and ready to take the piss out of you when you miss. 
  2. New Zealand is practically synonymous with adrenaline-packed fun but most people only associate the country with things like skydiving and bungee jumping. Those people have obviously never tried their hand at clay shooting. There is nothing like the hard-core recoil from the shotgun and the sense of accomplishment when you hit one of the targets. It’s an adrenaline-rush that will last for the rest of the day – or the rest of the trip, if your mates let you keep bragging. 
  3. Boys are never too old for toys. Just because your mate is getting ready to walk down the aisle, that doesn’t mean he needs to leave all the fun behind just yet. Get the lad excited and channel your inner teenage-boy with a Wicked Bucks clay shooting session. 
  4. Is there any better way to make the soon-to-be-groom feel like the man of the hour? Show him just how much he means to you, without letting his head get too big. 
  5. Celebratory drinks in the clubhouse are the perfect way to kick start your night out on the town. After proving you’ve got what it takes and putting your skills to the test, you’ll be amped and ready to party until the sun comes up. 
wicked bucks clay shooting wanaka

Making the most of Clay Shooting Wanaka

Wanaka is just like your dream girl. The city on New Zealand’s South Island is equal parts beautiful and interesting. The close proximity to Queenstown makes it super easy and the laid-back atmosphere is a total cool-girl vibe. Unlike this girl of your dreams, Wanaka is actually real and within your reach. Wicked Bucks has spent our fair share of time in this charming town and we’ve got all the local knowledge, tips and tricks to prove it.

One of our favourite parts of the idyllic destination is the range of adventure-based sports. Lake Wanaka is perfect for water skiing and kayaking as well as being an exceptional backdrop for skydiving and paragliding. Another popular way to soak in the incredible views is from one of the world-class wineries in the regions. The open-cellar door style venues offer wine-tasting, vineyard tours and sumptuous fare to pair with the tasty drops. On the topic of food and bevvies, the Wanaka CBD has a surprisingly large range of nightlife options for a small town. 

You can pick between bustling nightclubs, eclectic old pubs, creative cocktail bars and everything in between. Your mate might think he’s scored the jackpot but his life won’t be complete until he’s experienced the magic of Wanaka. Give him a send-off to remember without having to lift a finger by enlisting the help of Wicked Bucks. We’ll take all the headaches and stress out of tee-ing up an epic celebration, which gives you more time to sink cold beers with the boys. #winning.