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Jared Jeffery

09 Apr, 2019, 4:15 pm

Things to do in Byron Bay

Known as Australia’s most easterly point, Byron Bay is a charming coastal town in New South Wales’ spectacular north coast, providing plenty of amazing activities to enjoy. It continues to attract so many visitors and tourists each year due to its stunning beaches and idyllic coastline, wide array of outdoor activities on offer, and its laid back lifestyle. If you plan on visiting any time soon and are wondering what to include on your list, you’re in luck! We have rounded up a list of the top must-do’s when in town.

Byron Bay Tours

Byron Bay is known to provide its visitors with a whole heap to do. From spectacular beaches to check out, a wide range of fantastic outdoor activities and amazing laidback lifestyle, there is something for everyone.

If you’re looking to go on a tour, where you can be guided to some of the best locations for leisure, eating and more, you can be sure there are experienced local tour guides that can show you around. There are many different tour packages put together, but we’ve rounded up some of the best for you.

byron bay lighthouse

Watch the sunrise from Byron Bay Lighthouse

Explore some of Byron Bay’s most iconic destinations and be blown away by all the region has to offer. Byron’s lighthouse is one of the most popular things to do when in town. It is located on Australia’s most easterly point, providing some truly breathtaking views. It provides some fantastic walking trails, providing a clear path to Byron Bay’s Main Beach. Byron Bay’s Main Beach is another one of the most iconic destinations, with many other amazing beaches that you that are well worth a visit. On the way there are also plenty of spectacular lookouts, with Fisherman’s lookout providing views of surfers hitting the waves at The Pass.

It can take around 45 minutes, so make sure to bring a good pair of running shoes! On the way there are also plenty of spectacular lookouts, with Fisherman’s lookout providing views of surfers hitting the waves at The Pass. You can be sure that you’ll be given the option to walk along the sand, have a swim and even snorkel. Exploring Byron’s most iconic destinations is the best way to immerse yourself and truly get to know the town.

byron bay

Explore Byron’s lesser known beaches

It is definitely a great idea to check out Byron Bay’s Main Beach when in town. However, there are so many other amazing beaches that are well worth a visit. Only a short stroll away are some of the best surf beaches in Byron Bay. Wategos Beach is a place of true sun kissed beauty, making it an absolute must visit when in town.

It provides some of the best blue water and waves you’ll see, making it one of the best hidden gems around. Tallows Beach is another great place to see, so once you have finished up at Wategos, make sure to check in and see what the fuss is all about.

surf lesson

Take a surf lesson

Is learning to surf on your bucket list? Byron Bay is the perfect place to learn. With some of the best surf beaches in the country and many different surfing tours available, you can be sure to find classes to cater for everyone, including beginners. If you consider yourself to be quite the pro, you can also use a rental board and wetsuit to hit the waves.

kyaking byron

Take a kayak trip and paddle next to a school of dolphins

Kayaking and  SUP Paddling is also another very popular activity in Byron Bay. There are usually dolphins out in the water, with humpback whales also popping up from May to October. Byron Bay attracts a whole heap of magical ocean creatures, so you can be sure to see many around when Kayaking or stand up paddling out in the water.


Go on a day trip to Nimbin

Another fun activity for you try after you have been to all of Byron’s beautiful beaches, is to adventure out to the neighbouring town of Nimbin. Known as the birthplace of hippy culture in Australia, the town provides many interesting activities. It’s famous for its ‘funny smelling cigarettes’, with majority of the town showcasing its love for that well known plant.

A lot of the tours around Nimbin also provide a great opportunity to explore the surrounding hinterland of Byron Bay, with Minyon Falls providing the perfect place for a nice cool dip on a hot day.

byron bay markets

Hit the local Byron markets

Byron is home to a wide range of local markets, providing an abundance of quirky and interesting stalls for visitors to see. You can be sure to find some amazing local produce, crafty hand goods and beautiful clothing. The markets in Byron are known to be very creative, so you can be sure to be wowed at all there is to offer.

jullian rock

Scuba dive or snorkel at Julian Rocks

Byron Bay provides some amazing diving and snorkel areas. Julian Rocks is a protected reserve which is one of the best place to dive. It provides you the chance to see heaps of amazing ocean creatures, including fish, sea turtles and even the gentle Grey Nurse Shark. This can all be seen through an intro dive, a certified dive or a snorkel tour.

crystal healing

Get a Massage or some Crystal Healing

There are also plenty of Massage and Crystal Healing offerings in Byron, providing you with the chance to relax and unwind. The arts factory is known to provide an amazing massage and crystal healing needs if you’re looking to treat yourself. Only a short drive away is also Crystal Castles, which is a tranquil and magical sanctuary. It provides you with an enchanting getaway and the opportunity to check out some truly spectacular crystals.

beach hotel

Party the night away at any of Byron’s nightspots

If you’re looking to party, then Byron does not disappoint. There are a wide range of great pubs and clubs in town, providing great places to enjoy some live music and a nice drink or few. Cheeky Monkeys and the Beach hotel are the well known favourites, so it is definitely worth to check these two out if you’re out and about. There are so many things to do in Byron Bay, you are sure to never want to leave.

It provides the perfect escape for those who are seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy city life. With some of the best surf in the country, wide range of activities and laidback lifestyle, Byron Bay makes quite the impression on everyone who visits. You can be sure that you will already start to plan your next trip back here!

byron hinterland

Byron Hinterland

The beautiful beaches may draw visitors to Byron, but exploring it’s beautiful, lush hinterland is so worth it. Byron has some excellent tours for you to discover all there is in the hinterland. It has green rolling hills, spectacular farmlands and some of the most enchanting rainforests you’ll see. You can cruise through the long country roads and discover plenty of hidden gems along the way.

You’ll be surprised that some of the state’s best fine dining experiences and shopping can be found out that way, with world heritage-listed tracts of ancient and untouched rainforest. Some of the great towns in the hinterland are Bangalow and Nimbin. Both being extremely unique and providing their own signature experience.

mount warning

Mount Warning

Byron provides some fantastic tours to venture out to Mount Warning, providing the perfect base to explore the majestic Mountain. Known as the highest point in the Byron Bay region, Mount Warning stands at 1.156km tall and allows you to be the first in Australia to see the sunrise at the top. It is a 8.8km trek to the top, taking around five hours to walk to the top and get back down to the bottom.

Although this may sound long you can be sure that it is well worth. The summit provides picturesque 360 degree views around the ancient caldera, with stunning views stretching from the Gold Coast to Byron Bay. Make sure to bring your running shoes, as this is one mountain you won’t regret climbing!

raes byron bay

Source: Rae’s Wategos Facebook 

Food and Family Ideas

Byron is blessed with a wide range of great activities for all the family to enjoy, with some amazing eateries for you to try. With Seafood, Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian and more, there are a whole bunch of different places to indulge your taste buds. No matter where you go, you can be sure you won’t be disappointed.

However, a few places for you to take note of are Locura, Raes on Wategos and La Casita. There are also a wide range of markets to explore in Byron, providing an abundance of quirky and interesting stalls for visitors to see. You can be sure to find some amazing local produce, crafty hand goods and beautiful clothing.

girl working out on byron bay beach


If you’re after a tour where you can be a bit active, then there are plenty of options for you. You can go Kayaking, Paddling, Surfing and more. Make sure to pack your swimmers, runners, sunscreen and a spare change of clothes, as there are plenty of outdoor activities to get your heart pumping. No matter what you’re looking to do, the tours on offer are sure to exceed your expectations. Having a tour to explore all Byron Bay has to offer is a great way to experience it all.

All tour guides are experienced, mostly locals and have a large amount of knowledge. By having a tour, you can be sure that you’ll have ticked most things off your list and also meet some new people while you’re at it. With half day, full day and even week-long tours available, you can be sure to discover a whole heap and love Byron Bay even more.