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Party Bus Hobart Bucks Party Idea

What’s a Bucks Party without a ride to remember? This one is big, loud and will go all night. It’s a Party Bus, and it’s the only way to get around these days. While everyone else is sitting at a red light, you’ll be swing from poles, sinking some beers and grooving to an epic surround system. What’s not to love about that?! Limos are cool and all, but in 2019, the real way for big groups of people to get around is by a party bus.

They’re like limos on steroids, complete with bars, dance floors, laser lights, surround sound systems, and side facing seats so that no one needs to miss out on the fun. You can fit up to 40 people on board, and it’s the ultimate way to kick off your party. Whether you’re just cruising around town, you’re on a pub crawl, or you’re just on the way to your next activity, a party bus has your name all over it. Hobart may be Australia’s smallest capital city but that doesn’t mean getting from A to B needs to be boring.

Experience Overview

  • Mobile nightclub on wheels
  • Venue to venue transfers
  • Dance poles and LED lighting
  • Pumping sound system
  • 4 drinks and dinner included
  • Experienced driver
  • Customise your tour
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5 Reasons to get a Party Bus in Hobart

  1. There’s no need to worry about finding a designated driver. With this moving party bus guaranteeing you a chauffeur back home, the only thing putting an end to your night will be the sunrise.
  2. No one wants to break up the party! It can be difficult trying to bar hop or travel to different locations when you’re in a big group. This party bus means everyone can make there without any hardships.
  3. If having a moving party wasn’t enough, you can always opt for some extra onboard entertainment. Fitted with a surround sound system and some shiny poles, Hobart’s finest young ladies are practically begging to brighten up your trip.
  4. Why not combine a party bus with a pub crawl or whisky tasting tour? When you’re rolling around town in this bad boy, the wheels won’t the only thing rolling by the end of the night.
  5. Without any neighbours around, you can drop the bass as loud as you want without worrying about noise complaints. What a way to start your party!

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Making the most of your Party Bus in Hobart

Hobart may be one of Australia’s capital cities, but it’s not like the rest. There are no towering glass skyscrapers here. Instead, the streets are lined with old Georgian buildings, former warehouses and port buildings converted into small restaurants, cafes and craft shops. Although the beaches are picturesque, the spectacular scenery of Tassie isn’t limited to the Coastline.

Driving inland, you’ll find rugged mountains, great expanses of green and yellow fields laced with tall forests and sparkling highland lakes. Although it used to be the punch line of every Aussie joke, Tassie is having it’s moment now. The tables have turned, and this Southern state has only one thing to thank for that: Hobart. So make sure you get to this tiny town before the rest of the country catches on. All you need to do is say the word, and Wicked Bucks can make it happen.