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Jared Jeffery

20 Oct, 2020, 10:32 am


professional wedding photographers

If finding the perfect wedding dress is the most important decision for your wedding day, the choice of your photographer is probably a close second. But just like finding the right frock can be more of a headache than it’s worth, it’s not easy to find the right person to capture your special day in a style that reflects your unique love story. 

Regardless of where and how you are tying the knot, there are a few key things your chosen photographer needs to prove before you make your selection. The ideal photographer is someone that has a proven track record and is happy to discuss your vision, rather than just taking matters into their own hands. And most importantly, it’s essential to find someone that can capture timeless shots that save you from saying “What was I thinking?!” when you pull out your pictures on your 30th wedding anniversary. 

Not as simple and straightforward as you thought, huh? To help you avoid a crisis and find the perfect person for your big day, we’ve rounded up our top five picks for wedding photographers in Sydney. These shutterbugs will ensure your Instagram shots are just as memorable as the day itself.


Top Five Wedding Photographers Sydney 

Alice Mahran 

It only takes a quick glance at Alice Mahran’s portfolio to realise that she is something pretty special. The Syrian-born photographer grew up moving across the world with her family, before spending 7-years trotting the globe as a photographer. Her time abroad taught her the importance of embracing every photography subject with respect and beauty, while also telling their stories honestly. 

This is an approach that Alice brings to her wedding photoshoots, and her unique style has attracted a string of awards and international recognition. You can expect the sorts of images that will give you goosebumps and transport you back to your special day so vividly that you’ll truly feel like your reliving the experience.

Contact: alivemahran@gmail.com

Website: http://alicemahran.com


Birch and Wattle 

The team at Birch and Wattle will enjoy celebrating your big day almost as much as you will. Their focus is not on getting the perfectly posed snap, but on capturing the precious moments that tell your love story naturally, honestly, and timelessly. 

With more than 400 weddings under their belt already, the duo behind this stellar business have a proven track record for moulding their style around the vision of each client. The result of their flexibility and creativity is beautiful images that make you feel and experience the excitement and emotions of your special day, time and time again.

Contact: hello@birchandwattle.com

Website: https://www.birchandwattle.com


Studio RL Photography 

Studio RL Photography set out with a simple goal: to take epic wedding photos and have fun along the way. The result of this vision is a team of quirky and energetic wedding photographers that are known for combining contemporary techniques, timeless feels and a splash for glamour into their images. 

The Sydney-based team pride themselves on their genuine care and investment in every wedding. These photographers are committed to getting to know the couple and understanding their unique vision to ensure they can deliver images in a style that reflects the couple’s dynamics and personalities. These guys realise that your special day is all about you, and their work will make you feel like the centre of attention – which is just the way it should be on your wedding day!

Contact: info@studiorl.com.au

Website: http://studiorl.com.au


Siempre Weddings 

Siempre is Spanish for “forever”, which is an aptly-fitting name for a wedding photography agency with the classical and eternal style that Siempre Weddings offers. Jaw-dropping doesn’t even come close to describing their work, which effortlessly captures the in-between moments and pure joy of a special day. 

From ceremony to reception, the team at Siempre will capture your wedding day in such beauty that it will look like it’s been snatched from the pages of Vogue. If classic sophistication and elegance isn’t your style, these photographers have a way of tailoring their approach to suit whatever kind of vibe you’re looking for too.

Contact: hello@siempre.com.au

Website: https://www.siempre.com.au/john-pierre-claudia/


T-One Image

T-One Image is the perfect fit for any soon-to-be-married couples that are looking for incredibly stunning wedding photographs that won’t send them broke. Operating with the ethos of “celebrate now, remember forever”, the T-One Image team aim to capture every moment so that you can savour all the unforgettable memories, without detracting for the moment. 

Their style is laid-back and relaxed, which makes them an ideal option for an outdoor or intimate wedding. While their focus is always on the happy couple, these photographers will capture the grandiose and romantic elements of the entire celebration. After working with couples from all walks of life, they’re also a great team to discuss your ideas for the ceremony and reception as they are always brimming with creative and simple ideas to help make the most of every moment.


Contact: sydney@t-oneimage.com.au

Website: https://www.t-oneimage.com.au