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Jared Jeffery

20 Oct, 2020, 10:11 am


professional wedding photographers

It seems like every man, and his dog is calling themselves a wedding photographer these days. Between Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, pretty much anyone can get behind the lens and snap a few pictures that they can share with anyone willing to take a look – aka everyone in their feed.  But when it comes to your wedding day, your second cousin Patricia with her new iPhone just isn’t going to cut it (sorry Patricia).

Finding and picking the right wedding photographer is much like many other parts of organising a wedding – it’ll take countless hours of deliberating over seemingly insignificant details that actually matter a whole lot. Melbourne wedding photographers are no exception to the rule. There are stacks and stacks of options on the market, so it’s pretty essential to start your hunt as early as possible so that you can lock in the perfect photographer and avoid the disappointment of having to take Patricia up on her original offer. To help kickstart your search, we’ve rounded up a list of some of our favourite shutterbugs around the city.


Top Five Wedding Photographers Melbourne 


Sarah Godenzi 

Sarah Godenzi sets herself out from the crowd with her journalistic style of photography. With a loved for relaxed weddings in rad locations, all Sarah asks of her clients is that they forget about tradition for a just a second and do what truly reflects them as a couple. 

By embracing all the little quirks of the day, her images are not only spectacularly beautiful but also capture the raw emotions and honest details of your special day. Paired with her non-interference approach, you can expect plenty of naturally magical moments that you can embrace as they happen, and then reminisce back on in years to come.


Contact: info@sarahgodenzi.com

Website: https://www.sarahgodenzi.com. 


Dezine by Mauro 

Operating with the ethos of “dare to be different”, Dezine by Mauro is an obvious choice for creatively staged, innovative and boundary-pushing images. With over 25 years of experience and an impressive string of accolades, you can count on this team to transform your wildest dreams into an exceptional reality that your party-goers will still be raving about on your 30th wedding anniversary.  

Dezine by Mauro starts the wedding photography process well before the big day, by meeting with the bride and groom to nut out a plan and establish exactly what the couple is looking for in terms of their photography. From there, the team will source any sets, props or accessories to help bring the cinematic dreams to life. This forward-planning is the key to a perfectly executed and carefully considered yet deceivingly candid wedding day.

Contact: info@dezinebymauro.com

Website: https://www.dezinebymauro.com. 


Free the Bird 

With images that they describe as raw and quiet, the team at Free the Bird are the experts for capturing the emotion of a wedding day. Imagine beautiful and dark tones, plenty of natural light and understated elegance.  These professional wedding photographers also pride themselves on making their clients feel comfortable and safe, from the first day of meeting to the final moments of their big day. Whether its an elaborate affair or an intimate gathering, Free the Bird’s commitment to its clients is that they will deliver work to the highest quality that will be enjoyed by future generations.

Contact: jai@freethebird.com.au

Website: https://www.freethebird.com.au. 


Gold and Grit 

Have you ever met a wedding photographer with a bucket list of weddings to shoot? Neither had we until we stumbled across the Melbourne-based Gold and Grit Photography. The business founder brought her creative-meets-documentary style of wedding to photography from Sweden to Victoria’s capital around a decade ago, and her photos are even more “real, epic and quirky” than ever. 

Gold and Grit is all about the no-fuss realness of weddings. All you’re asked to do is be yourself, and they’ll be there to capture the rest. If you’re planning a wedding with either animals, crazy hair colours, tattoos or a picnic, you can help them tick some more items off their bucket list too!

Contact: hello@gritandgold.com.au

Website: www.goldandgrit.com.au


Elsa Campbell

Rounding out our list is Elsa Campbell – a photographer to admits to being addicted to catching “that feeling”. You now the know that makes your heart ache with happiness, that makes you cry at other people’s wedding and that keeps your metaphorical cup of happiness overflowing with goodness. 

If you’re looking for overly staged and well-worn shots, Elsa is not your girl. But if you’d prefer that shot of your guest’s head-thrown-back laugh in the afternoon light, you’ve come to the right place. Elsa has no preferred type of wedding to photography, and instead chooses to embrace the uniques and beauty of every wedding. She’s simply there to capture the moments that keep you connected to your special day forever

Website: elsacampbellphotography.com

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