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In Room Party Airlie Beach Bucks Party Idea

No need to leave your room for this activity – the action is coming to you! Any good Bucks party, here in Airlie Beach or anywhere else, requires a little bit of debauchery. That’s the golden rule, we didn’t make it up. And who is about to come a-knocking? A pair of striking, and very naughty young ladies, to show you a good time and join in the fun! Whether you are after a pair of topless waitresses, or an eye-popping strip show, you are in for a great time on this jam!

There is no shortage of energy on this activity! Joining your group tonight are a pair of lovely ladies, who are joining in and baring it all! Let them join in the fun as a pair of lovely topless waitresses, or settle in for a very exclusive, and very naughty, strip show! What kind of Bucks night would it be without a bit of skin?

Experience Overview

  • A little debauchery
  • Girls to entertain
  • Private room
  • Watch the Buck's jaw drop
  • Every man's fantasy
  • Clothes optional
  • Let your eyes wander
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5 Reasons to have an In Room Bucks Party in Airlie Beach

  1. We aren’t here to f*ck spiders, that’s for sure. This is a Bucks party, and part of the fun is reminding your Buck of what he is leaving behind. Watch him sweat!
  2. We at Wicked Bucks have done the hard yards, and sourced only the naughtiest of ladies to join you on this night. Not only are they gorgeous, they are also a barrel of laughs!
  3. As your waitresses, you can show them the ingredients to your favourite tipple, and they are on the job. Not a bad way to imbibe!
  4. This strip show is a winner. We won’t give away too much, but these ladies are set to make your eyes pop – and have something special in store for the Buck!
  5. Take this energy, and get amongst the Airlie Beach nightlife shortly after. There is plenty of night ahead of you on the strip, as Airlie Beach brings the party vibe and cranks it to 11!

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waitress crawling on buck

Making the most of your In Room Bucks Party in Airlie Beach

Airlie beach brings the thunder to your Bucks party experience! While it isn’t the largest urban centre in Australia – by a long shot – it punches well above its weight class. You have a range of activities to suit any group, and some iconic Queensland must-sees are on the docket.

So what’s on yours? Looking for a more outdoorsy vibe? Maybe a bit of adrenalin?

Here are some of our favourites:

Few things can make your heart pound faster than doing battle with a monster of the deep, so why not try out some deep sea fishing? We have a bead on an awesome charter captain, who is ready and willing to show you an awesome time out on the water. A variety of game species await you. Let those reels scream!

Does your Buck have a fear of heights? If so, why not take him on a scenic flight? We’re sure he’ll thank you for pushing him out of his comfort zone. Probably.

The Great Barrier Reef: One of the natural wonders of the world! Join an excursion out to a pristine area of the reef, and take in its wonders up close. A truly world-class experience, for a world-class group!

Airlie Beach Rum tasting: That’s right. This area produces a wealth of it, and some of the freshest product to be found anywhere is right at your fingertips! Get booked in and toast to the waning days of your Bucks’ bachelorhood! Paired nibbles are included too.

At Wicked Bucks, we are ready to put together a bespoke party that the whole crew will love. Whatever kind of Bucks party you are looking to throw on your mate’s behalf, we can bring it together for you! Contact one of our party planners today, and let’s get you booked in and tense with anticipation!