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Axe Throwing Gold Coast Bucks Party Idea

Think you’re a pretty good aim? Maybe you’re a rugged, outdoorsy type who grew up chopping wood with your old man and now you’re pretty handy with an axe? Well, it’s time to test out your abilities with a few rounds of axe throwing. Yeah, you read that right. Don’t worry, it’s a lot more fun – and a lot safer – than it sounds. So give it a go. You never know if you never throw. This is highly recommended as one of our unique Gold Coast bucks party ideas.

You might be wondering where you go to throw axes on the Gold Coast. The answer is Lumber Punks. Before the session kicks off, staff give all players a tute on how to throw axes safely. Then it’s like a game of darts. The target is painted with concentric rings and you aim to land the axe in one of the rings.

 It’s one point for the blue ring, three points for the red ring and five points for the black ring AKA the bulls-eye! So who’s going to get the most points?

If you’re worried about safety, fear not. Separate lanes that are fenced-off from one another means no chance of axes criss-crossing into other lanes. When you’re throwing the axe you’re the only one permitted in the lane, while the other players have to wait behind a barrier. You can simply concentrate on keeping the target in your sights, setting the intention to hit a bulls-eye and sending that axe sailing through the air until it gets stuck in the wood with a satisfying noise. You the man! You the axe man!

Whatever previous experience (or lack of) you and your buck have had with axes, we think you’ll agree: it’s a lot more fun than chopping wood.

Experience Overview

  • What's more manly than a lumberjack
  • Enjoy one of life's primal joys
  • Viking instincts will take over
  • Weapon wielding for the Buck's last night of manhood
  • Bragging rights to all who hit bullseye
  • Expert staff will ensure there's no axe-dents
  • Technique tutorials included
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5 Reasons to go Axe Throwing on the Gold Coast

  1. As far as bucks party activities go, axe throwing gets top marks for originality. But it’s still a game, so you can still get competitive with it.
  2. Staff know what they’re doing and will train you, so the experience is a safe one.
  3. You’ll get to feel like Jason Momoa in ‘Frontier’ or another bad-ass action hero.
  4. Throwing axes should give you a bit of a rush. And it’s definitely unique.
  5. It’s an excellent warm-up activity before a big night out on the town. There’s no alcohol allowed while throwing axes for obvious reasons!

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bucks group axe throwing

Making the most of Axe Throwing on the Gold Coast

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