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Experience Overview

  • Local staff to take you to the best stops
  • Drop a line and relax
  • Bar onboard
  • Take home the catch of the day
  • Specialise in reef and game fishing
  • You'll be hooked once you reel in your first catch
  • Rods, tackle, bait etc all included
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Deep Sea Fishing Gold Coast Bucks Party Idea

Destination: GOLD COAST

6 min
4+ Hrs

Looking at scaling back your boy’s week of drinking activities and taking things back to where they (probably) began? Why not throw out a line with the boys, and go Deep Sea Fishing for your Buck’s special day? Obviously, this is one of your more traditional lads’ Gold Coast bucks party ideas on the cards.

If you aren’t hooked on Deep Sea Fishing by the end of the day, we’ll be surprised. We’ll organise a fitting fishing charter boat to fit you all onto and take your group out to sea for an epic day out in the elements. Need some entertainment, throw in some sexy waitresses for some extra fun.

Deep Sea Fishing means big fish – who will be the first to catch a Big Snapper or Salmon?

Not only will we school you on some fishing techniques, but we will pack a cold lunch for you all – in the emergency case that no fish are caught… Bring a few casual bevvies to stack up the esky with too!

The best part? We organise basically everything (food, ice, emergency sunscreen, fishing rods) – so all you need to worry about is having a long-sleeved shirt, a protective hat & a towel.

Want things to get a little competitive between the boys? If there’s a large group of you, opt to split up into two boats and compete for the largest number of caught fish per boat. Game on.


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5 Reasons to choose Deep Sea Fishing on the Gold Coast

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Our customer reviews


4.5 rating from Google Reviews

Such a good weekend. Went with a group of mates who all had a great time. The highlight was two gorgeous babes cooking us breakfast after the night out!! Definitely a must do!


- Asthon R

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