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Jet Boating Gold Coast Bucks Party Idea

Get set for the jet! Jet boating is one of the must-do Gold Coast’s bucks party ideas and a way to see the many splendid sights of the Gold Coast while getting your adrenaline up too.

When you add a jet boat experience to your buck’s party itinerary you can have it all: fantastic scenery and sightseeing, fast speed and great spins, excitement (that should be pretty obvious!) and safety. Give us a try and go for a spin. A jet boat ride is kind of like a rollercoaster ride but on the water and with views of some of the Gold Coast’s coolest attractions

You’ll experience top speed, 360-degree twists and turns, slides and some spectacular scenery: Sea World marine park, the high-rises of Surfers Paradise, the mansions of Sovereign Island and wildlife such as dolphins, just to name a few.

It almost feels like another world as you go zooming along the clear Gold Coast waters, past tiny islands and along sandbanks with walls of water shooting up on either side of you. Whether you hang on for dear life or throw your hands up in the air, you’ll feel the crazy speed. For those who like to combine the kind of thrills that have made the Coast famous with its more laidback beach vibes, this activity is the best of all possible worlds for your bucks party.  

Experience Overview

  • Get wet and wild
  • Perfect for large groups
  • Get the lads together for unforgettable thrills
  • All safety equipment included
  • Spray jacket provided
  • Enjoy wild 360 degree spins
  • Thrill seeking Bucks will love it
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5 Reasons to do a Jet Boat Ride on the Gold Coast

  1. It’s a very fun way to see the Gold Coast’s sights. Possibly the most fun way!
  2. The Gold Coast has some of the best beaches in Australia so if you’re going to go jet boating anywhere, this is one of the best places to do it.
  3. It’s a thrill but it’s not too scary, so even if one of your mates is too chicken to go skydiving they should still be able to enjoy a jet boat ride.
  4. It’s a rush, and like any activity that gets the heart rate up you’re likely to feel good about it afterwards.  
  5. There’s no other boat ride quite like it. Although as you’ll see from our other activities, there ARE other kinds of boat rides on the Gold Coast worth trying out.

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bucks group jet boating

Making the most of Jet Boating on the Gold Coast

When you’ve experienced the thrill of a jet boat ride there are stacks of other things you can do to make a bucks weekend on the Gold Coast complete:

Calm Water or Deep Sea Fishing: If jet boat riding has given you a taste for the Gold Coast’s fine beaches, we have plenty of other bucks party day activities that will let you sample more of them in a calmer way. Our fishing activity in the deep sea or the calm water allows you to indulge in the timeless, blokey activity of fishing and hopefully catch something big, but to do it the Wicked way: with us taking care of your needs. That means bikini waitresses handing you beers as you cast a line in and hope to catch a big bad-ass fish that you can post all over social media. Gold Coast beaches are good for all kinds of things: jet boating, eye candy and now fishing!

Bucks Party Cruise: Another option – and something completely different – is the Gold Coast Party Boat Cruise. Just for one day, you can live like a multi-millionaire as Wicked Bucks sets you up with exclusive access to a motorboat that will let you live lavish. While you’re out on the waters of the Gold Coast, Wicked Bucks will provide everything you need in order to really live it up. This is as close to being really rich as you can get without winning the lottery or inventing the next Facebook, so make the most of it with Wicked Bucks.