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Putt Putt Golf Gold Coast Bucks Party Idea

Destination: GOLD COAST

6 min
2+ Hrs

Get ya balls out and take a swing! It turns out that Putt Putt Golf is still a thing and it’s not just for kids. This miniature sport has made a total come back and we are all on board. Fancy a hit? Wicked Bucks can show you how it’s done. Putt Putt Golf really is just the gift that keeps on giving. It was a hit for your 5th birthday party and the miniature sport is still as much of a crowd-favourite amongst the oldies. Putt Putt Golf is just like a real golf course, only mini. 

Decked out with all the annoying obstacles (rocks, sand, water, dinosaurs, wind mills… you get the picture), each section contains things that splash, distract and confuse you. You may think it’s a game designed for your nieces and nephews but these 9-holes will keep you on your toes for the entire time. Putt Putt Golf is best played with a club in one hand and an ice cold beer in the other. There’s also a BBQ zone and canteen, so you can stock up on mid-course snacks. 


putt putt golf


5 Reasons to do Putt Putt Golf on the Gold Coast

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4.5 rating from Google Reviews

Such a good weekend. Went with a group of mates who all had a great time. The highlight was two gorgeous babes cooking us breakfast after the night out!! Definitely a must do!


- Asthon R

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