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Fishing Trip Airlie Beach Bucks Party Idea

Remember reading Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and the Sea’? Face it – ever since you read it, you have been imagining doing battle with a true monster of the deep. Well, you are in luck on this particular mission, because the Whitsundays provide some excellent fishing opportunities! This Bucks party activity in Airlie Beach puts you in touch with a host of game species, and you have a legitimate chance at that trophy of a lifetime!

Few activities are as well-suited to a Buck’s party as a fishing trip, and Airlie Beach provides the action! With so much protected water, off-limits to commercial fishing, you can bet that there are some serious populations just waiting for you to arrive. Coral trout. Mackerel. Mulloway. Sailfish! And many more. Your professional guide has years of experience in these waters, and he is ready to show you and the lads a great day on the water!

Experience Overview

  • Fishing equipment and bait included
  • Catch cleaned and put on ice
  • Catering and packages available
  • Surround system onboard
  • BYO alcohol
  • Sink some beers on the deck
  • Take home the catch of the day
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5 Reasons to go on a Fishing Trip in Airlie Beach

  1. There are few thrills in life that match up to those provided by a screaming reel and an angry fish at the end of your line. Strap in to the fighting chair, it is going down!
  2. You know what else is fun? Out-fishing your mates, and telling them all about it. We think they will probably appreciate your candour.
  3. Variety. These waters host such a large variety of fish that there are few days when nothing is biting. Leave it up to your skipper to decide what is the best option for the day!
  4. The deep blue. A day on the water brings more than just action at the end of your line – it gives you a new perspective on the vastness of the ocean and the beauty of the environment out there. And, the strength of you and your Bucks’ stomachs!
  5. Tales to tell! Once you have put your boots back on to dry land, you can regale your mates and the whole pub about the one that juuuust barely got away – and the one that didn’t.

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buck catching large fish on fishing trip

Making the most of your Airlie Beach Fishing Trip

Did you know that the name ‘Airlie’ was adopted from its Scottish counterpart? We don’t know if that helps this town to party even harder, but from what we can gather, the answer is a resounding ‘perhaps’. Airlie Beach plays host to such a huge arrangement of party options that it makes for a killer venue for a Bucks party. You have chosen well!

The town is centred around excursions to the Whitsundays, and rightly so. But there is plenty more than boat rides to make this experience a thriller! Rather than the tourist boats, why not tour them on jet skis? Finding your own private beach, on a secluded desert island, is a memory of these unique islands that won’t fade with time. What – not enough adrenalin for you? We’ve got you covered fam.

Get strapped in and get up high in an excursion plane, and view these islands from above!

Meanwhile, do you realise that you are in the presence of one of the natural wonders of the world? That’s right, the Great Barrier Reef is on your doorstep here, and you have the chance to view its breathtaking size and beauty close-up. Take an excursion out to the reef, put down the anchor, gear up, and get a closer look at this incredible living entity.

And once you have landed back on terra firma, the main strip of the city has a serious assortment of bars and clubs to keep you rocking until the wee hours. Contact Wicked Bucks now and let us organise an Airlie Beach Bucks’ party that will thrill you to the bone!