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Jet Ski Airlie Beach Bucks Party Idea

Ready for a little slice of adrenalin? Jet skis aren’t new, they have been producing some white-knuckle rides for several years now, and this is your chance to sample them! Take to the water and punish some waves, aboard your very own jet ski ride. Get some expert instruction and crank that throttle, just don’t forget your sunscreen!

A jet drive is a unique source of propulsion, and it lets you rip around the water at a terrific speed! Your mount today is a high-powered whip, capable of enormous speeds, and amazing maneuverability. You won’t believe what this machine is capable of. So hang on tight, it’s going to get a bit wet and wild today! And hey, if you come off, you come off. It’s not how hard we fall, it’s how we stand ourselves back up.

Experience Overview

  • Action packed jet skiing
  • Experienced guide to lead you
  • Stop at an incredible beach
  • Keep an eye out for marine life
  • All safety gear included
  • Ski induction
  • Epic way to explore the Whitsundays
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5 Reasons to go Jet Skiing in Airlie Beach

  1. The Speed. Pin that throttle and feel this baby pick up and go! You will be a seasoned pro after some instruction from your guide, and your confidence will improve as you get the feel of her. By the way, she’s a she. All boats are shes.
  2. The Views. This ride isn’t just about the pace – you are headed out on a tour of the neighbourhood, to view some first-rate beaches in the Whitsundays and enjoy a sweet picnic among the scenery here. Not a bad look!
  3. The Day Dream Island tour sees you enjoying some amazing snorkeling amid the clear blue waters of this ocean landscape. A stylish way to cool off. Lovely!
  4. Keen to stay closer to shore? You can rip it up near Airlie Beach, enjoying the speed while attracting jealous stares from all those landlubbers watching you from the boardwalk!
  5. A sweet finish! Take that sun-baked bod back to the strip, where a wicked night of debauchery awaits you. And now, you have a tale to tell. The perfect primer to the night of your life!

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buck riding jet ski

Making the most of your Jet Skiing in Airlie Beach

Simply put? The Whitsundays are one of the most striking landscapes to be found anywhere. Ringed by some of the world’s finest beaches, attracting thousands of tourists and travelers each year, you have chosen well for this particular excursion.

A Bucks party in Airlie Beach puts you in striking distance of an incredible variety of activities. Slow, fast, up, down, wild, mellow – you can truly do it all. While it may lack the bright lights of Vegas, you can bet your sweet butts that Vegas would kill for a beach like Whitehaven. Or a clear horizon, bordered by blue ocean, rolling away endlessly. You are going to love it here. Maybe, you will never leave?

So what’s the plan on this mission? To truly appreciate the islands and the ocean landscape, why not take to the sky?

An excursion flight sees you take in this archipelago in its entirety, while listening to commentary from the pilot, who can point out the highlights. Or maybe you are keen to stay closer to ground level? There are some awesome fishing excursions to be had offshore, with a renowned charter skipper who is keen to show you and the lads a great time. Whatever turns your crank, Wicked Bucks can make it happen.

Your evenings here are not lacking in options either. With a huge variety of bars and clubs, restaurants and activities, you can craft an evening that suits both you and the crew. Why not a hand of poker? A spot of jelly wrestling? Or perhaps you want to shoot some pool, while crushing some brews? Take your pick.

Airlie Beach, and Wicked Bucks, can craft and personalise a Bucks party that will create some awesome memories, and send your mate to the altar in good spirits. For more information, contact us today, and let’s get you sorted!