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Go-Karting Melbourne Bucks Party Idea

Don your best red cap and twirl that moustache, because today we’re calling you “Mario”. Go Karting is destined to bring out your inner competitive streak and is the perfect bonding experience for your Bucks Party. Once you get going, you’ll be slamming (your accelerator) all day long.

 Lube her up and give her the full service, this is going to be the ride of a lifetime. Feel your heart pumping as you start off slow and get a feel for how she moves.

Once you hit that first bend, bang it down hard and really get her going. This high performance machine can take what you’ve got. While you’re comparing your lap count and speed with your mates, remember that your results will separate the boys from the men.  

But if you don’t take her home to the podium on the first ride, don’t worry there’s plenty more laps to be won.

Experience Overview

  • Heated competition
  • Powerful karts
  • Safety equipment to ensure the Buck gets back to the missus safely
  • Conquer the course
  • Hairpins and sweepers to challenge every driver
  • Mario Kart has nothing on this
  • Who will be the fastest on the track?
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5 Reasons to choose Go-Karting in Melbourne

  1. These machines have really got some junk in the trunk. You’ll be flying around the track at some pretty high speeds and taking those corners like a pro. This is not for the faint hearted.
  2. Who doesn’t love a bit of healthy competition? While Wicked Bucks can promise anything but bragging rights for the winners, we think that’s pretty good already.
  3. Boys and their toys. You’re never too old to play with cars. These ones might go a little faster and be a little louder than your old matchbox cars but with the provided helmet and regular Go-Kart servicing, you’ll be safe AND a style icon. SCORE.
  4. It’s like video gaming but IRL. Every guy loves having a crack on the XBOX and Mario is an all time favourite. Wicked Bucks Go Karting is the next best thing, and your Missus won’t even be nagging you to stop playing and start taking out the bins. It’s a win-win situation.
  5. This is one ride where no one will complain that you’re going too quick


bucks racing go karts

Making the most of your Go-Karting in Melbourne

Sometimes a little daunting, and often missed by visitors, Melbourne’s unique laneways are a treasure trove for food, drink and shopping. Hardware Lane is famous for its extensive range of eats; Bennett’s Lane for the city’s best jazz club and Hosier Lane for some of the city’s best street art. These hidden secrets are only a hop, skip and a jump from Melbourne’s bustling nightlife.

With more rooftop bars, exclusive restaurants and chic cafes, your biggest struggle will be choosing where to kick your night off. Just because the city is Australia’s Capital of Cool, doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of cheeky activities too. Tequila Tasting, In Room Parties, Pool Parlours and Topless company, are just a few of the options Wicked Bucks has up their sleeve for you.

If you’re not sold yet, then we’ve also got:

Melbourne Paintball Skirmish: Channel your Call of Duty Training and get ready to whip out your tactical ops – This shit is getting real. Paintball Skirmish is the ultimate ball action, that guaranteed to leave you bruised but screaming for more.

Melbourne Barefoot Bowls and BBQ: Once dominated by napisan-clean white senior citizens, Lawn Balls has been overtaken by a younger, barefoot and beer sinking generation. Your Pop was right all along. Order the shandy (hold the lemonade) and let the grass tickle your balls, Lawn Balls is the best way to watch the afternoon roll by.

Melbourne Golf Day: One of life’s greatest pleasures is a day out with the boys on the green. Take a swing and practice your aim, you’ll be taking in a pretty perfect view while you sink your balls into some sweet holes.