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Man Cave Perth Bucks Night Ideas

Welcome to the Man Cave in Perth. This is where all your dreams come true, without anyone sticking their nose in your business. Dream big and dream wild. All you need to do is say the word, and we’ll make it happen in the Perth Bucks Man Cave. When we say Man Cave, we don’t mean the bogan hang out from 90s movies. This isn’t the type of place that boasts faded Race Girl calendars and warm beer. There are no trophies from a former “athlete” (that guy that won one race when he was 12). And your Missus definitely won’t be banging on the door, telling you to turn your music down. 

A Bucks Man Cave is where the magic happens. We’re talking the private hire of a fully decked out, luxury space. When it comes to filling up the room – you’re in control. Whether it’s pool tables, jelly wrestling or poker, all you need to do is say the word and we can make it happen. If you want to step it up a notch, we’ve got the hottest waitresses on offer in Perth, practically begging to give you a private show! A 1 hour hire of this room could just be the best hour of your life.


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Top 5 Reasons to hire a Man Cave in Perth

  1. Ask and you shall receive. Like all good Man Caves, this experience is designed to suit your Bachelor. Wicked Bucks can customise the experience to make sure this private space ticks all your boxes. 
  2. Your buddy is about to sign himself up for a lifetime of mowing the lawn on Sundays and taking out the bins on Tuesday. We’re sure he’s head over heels for his woman, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a final send off with the boys. Show him what he deserves. 
  3. If you’ve never been called a Cave Man before, you’re obviously lying to us. Every Cave Man needs his Man Cave. 
  4. Pubs, clubs, bars and nightclubs are all very well and good but they don’t offer much in the way of privacy. An hour in this Man Cave will give you the quality bonding time you need before hitting the town. 
  5. Don’t have to worry about getting kicked out or where you are heading to next. This Man Cave in Perth comes with everything you need to ensure a night to remember for the ages to come. Great for groups of all sizes.

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Making the most of a Man Cave in Perth

You’ve probably heard of Perth’s beaches and that’s for good reason. One of the best things about being Australia’s most isolated city is that you’re likely to score an entire beach to yourself in some places. Although the endless golden stretches of sand and mesmerising sunsets offered on the West Coast are worth boasting about, there is more to Perth than just it’s Coast line. The CBD might be small but it definitely packs a punch. There are an abundance of streets, squares and markets just waiting to be explored.

Only a hop, skip and a jump away from the city centre is the home of the infamous Quokka. The only place you can snap a selfie with WA’s mascot is on Rottnest Island. Being only a 25 min boat ride away, a day trip is the perfect way to explore the Insta-worthy destination. Once the sun goes down, P-Town is a pretty happening place. Whether it’s a Cultural festival, a bustling nightclub or a grungy bar, you’re bound to find a watering hold that will keep you happy.