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Barefoot Bowls Byron Bay Bucks Party Idea

Have you got a bit of the magic touch? If you know exactly how to caress a set of balls into the finish line, then team up with your best buddies and get ready to separate the amatures from the pros as you take part in a good old fashion game of Barefoot Bowls on Byron’s finest patch of grass. Oh and the best part… you don’t need any shoes! Beers, the boys, a couple of sexy hostesses and the warm byron sun to kick off your Buck’s weekend!

Your buck will think he is dreaming with this perfect combination of unwinding relaxation and pre-drinking for the night ahead. Literally even the most uncoordinated beta among you will have this down in no time at all, take a page out of your Great Grandpa’s book and indulge in this leisurely afternoon activity incorporating some of life’s most simple pleasures; day drinking and easy sport. This will have your bucks party beaming and ready to hit up the town in no time.

Experience Overview

  • Balls included
  • Green hire
  • Bar onsite
  • Relaxed competition
  • Sink some beers barefoot with the boys
  • No better way to ease into a big night
  • Day drinking at its finest
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5 Reasons to do Barefoot Bowls in Byron Bay

  1. Due to the easy nature of the game and unregulated requirements… it makes the perfect opportunity for a bit of a cheeky dress up. Theme your barefoot bowls activity as All Out 80s, Dress to Impress or Living Icons to add that extra element.
  2. We may have touched on this but sexy hostesses?! That is sure to improve your ball throwing abilities and have you showing off your best swing.
  3. DAY DRINKING! The one sure way to have your Buck absolutely buckled in a few wee hours. The best part being he has no chance of being allowed to sneak off early tonight.
  4. We’ll feed you! All this athletic activity (or lack of) and banter with the boys is hungersome work, so enjoy a meal on us as part of this sweet deal.
  5. Who knows, maybe the lot of you will fall in love with the game of Barefoot Bowls and decide to start a monthly tradition! And who will be the legend that got the ball rolling on that one? You of course.

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group of bucks playing lawn bowls

Making the most of your Barefoot Bowls in Byron Bay

Chances are, unless you’ve been living under a rock the last 30 years, you’ve heard of the mesmerising allure of the small NSW Coastal town Byron Bay. So it shouldn’t take too much convincing to have you hosting your next Buck’s Event in this kickass destination.

There is an abundance of activities to keep the boys busy with from the moment you pass over the town’s border. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a first time visitor you’ll feel more than happy to be in Byron.

Starting by making your way down to the travellers favourite spot; Main Beach, where you can sip on a coconut as you listen to some of the free spirited locals blast their folk music. If that doesn’t toot your horn then escape to one of the more private beaches such as Wategoes for your very own slice of paradise.

Be the envy of everyone back home as you taste your way through Byron’s multitude of earterys. Ranging from high range fine dining to a classic slice of pizza on the sand! Once you’ve satisfied your hunger, it’ll be time to satisfy the boys’ thirst and there is no better way than treating yourself to one or two cocktails from any of the happy hours on offer!

If Barefoot Bowls sounds a little too tame for the epic Stag do you’re envisioning then lather up and squeeze into one of our Sumo Suits for a hilarious round of wrestling with your best mates. An absolute cracker of a time is had rolling around on your back as you try to get up in a fat suit.