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Skydiving Byron Bay Bucks Party Idea

The perfect gift for any thrill seeking bucks out there, skydiving will have you and your buck’s hearts racing and stomachs lurching in the best way possible. No time for second thoughts as you make the plunge… this activity makes perfect practise for your bucks big day! Make him feel like he can take on the world by literally jumping in head first. The 14,000ft decent will be stunning as you land in Byron Bay.

Free falling is one of the finer feelings in life. Join your buck as he jumps out of a plane to farewell single life and commits to one woman. There will be epic photos, a video and beers waiting for you on the ground. Your buck won’t be able to shut up about this one! Face your fears head on and embrace your inner daredevil because once you have a taste for the fast life you’ll want more.

Experience Overview

  • Chuck the Buck
  • Thrill seeking Bucks will love this
  • The ultimate adrenaline rush
  • Plummet to the ground at over 200km/hr
  • Experienced instructors will get the Buck back to the missus in one piece
  • Bring closed in shoes and a spare pair of jocks
  • And you thought getting married was scary...
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5 Reasons to go Skydiving in Byron Bay

  1. You get to chuck your buck out of a plane and follow him down after? Does that not just scream bromance and lifetime memories or what?
  2. Adrenaline junkies will LOVE the natural thrill of free falling and revel in the epic high that comes from taking such a legendary leap.
  3. Even if your buck isn’t much of a thrill seeker, think of the laugh you and the boys will have watching him absolutely freak out trying to get out of this one.
  4. This will trump every other bucks party… because who the hell goes skydiving on their stag night? YOU DO, thats who. Epic.
  5. Look no further for the buzz of the evening, this will surely have you pumped for hours and ready to kick on into the wee hours of the morning.  

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buck skydiving

Making the most of Skydiving in Byron Bay

As you’ll notice from above, Byron’s beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. Indulge in a coconut on the sand at Main Beach and witness one of the most charming sunsets NSW has to offer. Or venture down a little further to Wategoes a popular surfing hotspot. Check out The Farm for some super cute animals and divine breakfast dining.

Head into the centre of town for some shopping (if you’re so inclined) or for a few happy hours and sneaky feed. This is also where you’ll find the towns clubs including Woody’s Surf Shack, Cocomangas and Cheeky Monkeys. The Byron Hotel combines live music and laid back beachside bonding with the boys.

Escape the booze for an hour or two and explore the hidden waterfalls and idyllic country roads further inland and have take in a magnificent view of the rest of Byron.

If skydiving has you sweating in your briefs then check out one of our more cruisy activities such as the Golf Day! A day under the glowing Byron sun on one of the freshest fields you’ve ever seen. A great time of bonding with the boys and having a few cheeky beers to get you ready for the rest of your night.

Jump on a kayak and head out the back of Byron’s famous surf beaches for a tranquil day on the water. The whole party will enjoy this one, with glorious weather and maybe even a few sea turtles or dolphins on the way! A perfect excuse to catch some rays and finally get in the water after a long night of drinking.

Better yet why not drop your best mate on his ass with a session in the sumo suits! An absolute laugh and a half watching the boys smash each other around while adjusting to the fat suit waddle. Have winners verse winners and set up the pecking order for the rest of the trip by discovering which fattys the alpha and enjoy a few tears of laughter while you’re at it.